Sales Training Coaching: Build Your Business Coaching Practice by Using a Reasonable Request at a Reasonable Time

This sales training coaching will help you build your business coaching practice easier than ever before. Many coaches try to build their business coaching practice too fast and, consequently, turn prospective clients away. They ask good questions at the wrong times. The key to this sales training coaching is to make a reasonable request, at a reasonable time. For example: If you have been dating someone for a while, it may be appropriate to ask the person you’re dating to marry you. Most would agree that is isn’t appropriate to ask them to marry you on the first date. That is a reasonable question, but not at a reasonable time.

Sales Training Coaching: When Building Your Business Coaching Practice, the Purpose of Generating a Lead, is to Generate a Lead


Most coaches building their business coaching practice ask everyone if they would like a free session. That is fine after you have added value to the person or discovered their needs. But if you haven’t done that, they will probably resist talking with you further. Why? Because you’re communicating that you’re trying to sell them something and naturally they resist it. The sales training coaching that will help you is to offer them value first. How do you do that? One way is to offer a free report in exchange for their contact information. A free report will have valuable information that’s useful to your target market, and in exchange you gain their contact information, which is useful to you. The purpose of generating a lead; is to generate a lead. You aren’t trying to schedule the free session yet because they haven’t received value from your free report yet.

Sales Training Coaching: When Building Your Business Coaching Practice, the Purpose of Setting a Free Session, is to Set a Free Session


Because you’ve given value, in the form of a free report, to the prospect, they are more likely to help you build your business coaching practice. The sales training coaching here tip here is that the purpose of setting a free session, is to set a free session. Set the session; then share the benefits of the session. You might say, “I will show you how to generate more sales with no cold calling”. That statement has nothing to do with them becoming your business coaching client. That is only value they will get from the free session itself. When you make reasonable requests at reasonable times, you will get more interest in your coaching.

Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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