Does Success Coaching Training Make You a Better Coach?

Does Success coaching training make you a better coach? Yes, I believe it does. Success coaching has been used in various sectors notable academia for several years. Coaches, business leaders, and instructors have used this coaching model to help build resilience in their clients, employees, and students. I have personally benefited from success coaching while working in corporate America in the early to the mid-2000s’. It helped me advance in my career, building confidence and empowering me to excel in corporations where there were very few women of color.

Does Success Coaching Training Make You a Better Coach?
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In this training program, coaches learn to create confidence and resiliency in their clients implementing diverse coaching strategies. The average salary of a trained success coach according to is $48,697 in the United States. They are found primarily in universities, healthcare organizations, and large consumer product establishments (Walmart).

What is Success Coaching?

Although the term “Success Coaching” has been used widely in some fields, it is an unfamiliar phrase with most people. And so it is a great idea to explain what this type of coaching looks like to the client requesting help. If you are someone who struggles to stay motivated or need help with time management, planning related to your goals? If yes, then you will need the services of a coach. A 2014 article in Forbes magazine defined success coaching as a process that helps individuals both to set and achieve realistic financial goals faster; with greater ease than would otherwise be possible. I prefer the definition that states success coaching is a relationship in which both the client and coach partner together, to improve the general quality of the client’s life.

Success coaching will help your client achieve desired results through goal settings, accountability, compelling dialogue, and empowering techniques. For example in an academic context, the coach works with the college student in developing effective study habits. Additionally, the coach helps student identity academic strengths that will help achieve a favorable result or grade point average.

Success Coaching Training: The Benefits to Your Clients

Enrolling in a success coaching training program is one of the most rational decisions you will make for your clients and yourself. As a success coach, you will assist your clients in crafting strategies to achieve what they define as success. You will be suited to work with all aspects of the individual (personal and business); utilizing the techniques and tools learned in training.

As a trained success coach, your clients will:

  1. Experience an increased awareness of their abilities and interests.
  2. Be open to alternative possibilities that can result in goal achievement.
  3. Be able to choose practical perspectives that inspire constructive action in their situation.
  4. Be prepared to set realistic and better goals.
  5. Design their vision of success and substantiate their direction positively.
  6. Be able to gain creative skills that translate into the success they desire.

To find the best success coaching training program for you, contact the International Coach Federation (ICF). Success coach training will add value to your coaching practice. You will be able to serve your clients using innovative coaching tools, empowering skills to help them succeed. The coaching training will allow you to assist clients in identifying specific goals that will yield their desired results: more success and a more satisfactory quality of life.

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