Marketing a Life Coaching Business During a Pandemic

Like many others, I am sure you are probably wondering how marketing a life coaching business during these uncertain times is going to be feasible. Due to the present state of affairs, you must be mindful of the fact that you cannot use the usual traditional marketing methods to promote your life coaching business.  It is time to go entirely online.

Should I be Marketing My Coaching Business at This Time? 

Is it inappropriate or insensitive to think about marketing any type of business during these challenging times?  It is Not, Why do I say that? Several companies, particularly small businesses, have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and to date has continued to remain closed. Life, as we know it, has changed, but we need to keep pressing forward; bills still need to be paid, and the economy relies on the success of both small and big businesses to recover from this recession. According to The National Bureau of Economic Research, the United States is presently in a recession; unemployment last month is stated to have topped 13% as economic activity significantly slowed down.  With regards to health & wellness, both adults and youths alike are emotionally and mentally impacted by the state of affairs in our nation and globally.  Hence, it suffices to say that life coaching is needed more than ever at this time to help people cope with their emotions and their financial situations. If your question is, will I be able to market my life coaching business during these uncertain times? The answer is, “Absolutely.”

Marketing a Life Coaching Business : Online Advertising

Pandemic or not, the internet is still considered one of the best places to promote your coaching business. It has the potential to transform the way you reach and engage with clients. 

Before you proceed with marketing your life coaching business, you must first of all be real with yourself about what is happening in our world today? It is not just the pandemic that we are dealing with, but the civil unrest we are facing here in the United States.  Your job is to think about how you can help people. How can you be attuned to their needs?   What can you bring to the table to help you help those who are hurting and needing a reason to hope?    Figure out what that one powerful tool, unique experience or skill  is (e.g multilingual, highly intuitive, foster mom for  ten years and a survivor of domestic violence etc.) and use it to attract the people you want to help. 

Secondly, build a business website and create compelling content on your site that will engage your ideal clients. Write about the coaching services and products you offer, testimonials of clients you have helped, your personal journey of success. Consider creating a blog page that you can include on your website.  You should share relevant content consisting of information that empowers, motivates, and encourages clients during these challenging times. You can also record and upload videos of your coaching sessions on your website.

Thirdly, advertise your business via social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  It is a necessity to promote your business on these platforms in today’s world.  In addition to Facebook and LinkedIn, take advantage of the YouTube platform as well. Now that many people are working from home or doing business from home, they are going to YouTube and Netflix for their entertainment needs. Offer a full month of free coaching sessions to prospective clients via skype, phone or consider doing a family plan  with a fifty percent discount depending on family size ( be creative)  Social media enables you to connect with your audience, and it allows you to build your client base. 

Through your business site and social media pages you are able to provide exceptional services or products; something other coaches may not ordinarily think of offering that may appeal to your target clients on your website or blog site.  

Going totally online may be the best strategy for marketing a life coaching business during this pandemic.  However, it will require hard work, commitment, and, of course, some creativity to be successful at promoting your business. 

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Margaret K. Olubiyi
Life Coach
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