Finding The Ideal Marketing Plan For Lifestyle Coaching Business

Finding the ideal marketing plan for lifestyle coaching business is crucial to the overall success of the lifestyle coach. Regardless of your passion and the drive to help people, without the proper marketing strategies to grow your business, coaching will simply be another hobby. 

What is Lifestyle Coaching? 

Lifestyle coaching is sometimes referred to as Life coaching, but I believe there is a slight difference between the two. Life coaching addresses an individual’s entire life (i.e personal and professional).  While lifestyle coaching focuses primarily on matters that influence physical and mental health by helping clients to cultivate a “mind-body” connection while guiding in the areas of overall wellness: exercise, nutrition, and stress management.  Health coaches appear to be more closely related to lifestyle coaches than life coaches. Lifestyle coaches are often educators, community health workers, etc. with coach training and certification which are presently not requirements in the coaching industry but highly recommended. Often these coaches are also college graduates (not required). 

 Marketing Plan For Lifestyle Coaching Business  

 A marketing plan is helpful for every business serious about making a profit. I find the marketing plan for coaching businesses by Tony Stoltzfus, a certified professional coach, coach trainer, and author of bestselling coaching book coaching questions helpful. I want to share it with you and hope you find it useful. He makes me understand that to create the ideal marketing plan, there are five questions to ask yourself as a small business owner. Check out the five questions below, which also comes with action steps. 

  1. Service/Product: What do you have to offer your clients?
  • What are your best skills?
  •  What is your niche? Where do you want to focus on ( e.g lifestyle coaching)? 

 Action Step: You will create a list of the services and products you plan to offer your coaching clients. You will include your costs and details about all the services and products offered. It is at this stage; you decide if to offer free sessions or programs.

  1. Your Ideal or Target Clients: Who do you plan to serve or help?
  • Who needs the services/products you have to offer?
  • Who do you already have in mind to coach?
  • Who sees you as a resource? 

 Action Step: You will build a profile of the type of clients you are looking to service. The profile will include demographics such as age, gender, profession, education, needs, etc. In addition, highlight locations where your ideal clients are present(i.e.) beauty salons, shopping malls, gyms, etc. 

  1. The Key Distinctives: Why would they want your services? What do they need?
  • What are their felt needs? (i.e., what are their wants, what they hope to change the most).
  • What makes you credible in their eyes in that area? (lifestyle coaching).
  • How does what you do meet those needs? How will your service benefit them?

Action Step: Draw up a list of the top five reasons your target audience would buy your services. Then find a way to test your thinking with selected individuals (could be a friend, co-worker, etc.) to make sure it is suitable.

  1. The Pitch: How will you get your message across?
  • How will people find out about you?
  • How will they learn enough to want to hire you?
  • How will you follow up? What will you say to prospects to turn them into clients?

Action Step: At this point, you will create a simple strategy for getting your message across to your target audience (i.e., advertising, networking, speaking events, referrals, writing, etc.).

  1. The Plan: When will you start? 
  • What is your plan of action?
  • What do you need to do first?
  • When will you start designing your practice? What time frame do you have to get it launched? 

 Action Step: Stoltzfus suggests that you do a rough draft or outline of a plan of action that takes you from designing your practice through actually launching it.  Note the key steps and ensure that the phases of the launch process enter the dates.

Finding the ideal marketing plan For lifestyle coaching business is a necessary resource if you want to become a successful entrepreneur and coaching expert. Success will surely happen if you answer the questions that have been listed above and follow through with the action steps. If you do that, you will most likely be effective at attracting your ideal coaching clients and becoming a successful business owner in your community. 

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