Life Coaching Marketing Tips to Help Your Business Grow

Marketing a business can be very frustrating and expensive but you can successfully market your life coaching business in a very effective manner using these life coaching marketing tips.

Life Coaching Marketing Tips to Help Your Business Grow

Valuable Life Coaching Marketing Tips You Don鈥檛 Want to Overlook

Here are six strategies that can help increase your visibility, leads, and sales.

1. Business Cards
Business cards are often one of the most underutilized tools in marketing.

Depending on your market, you can use the back of your business card to provide some very valuable information such as emergency numbers or special dates people want to remember.

Keep some in your wallet, your car, on your desk, and some at home. Be sure to carry your business cards with you wherever you go and be willing to hand them out as opportunity presents itself.

Life Coaching Marketing Tip! A creative way to distribute your card is to leave one with the tip when you eat out.

2. Send a Nice Picture

A great way to keep your name fresh in a client鈥檚 mind is to send them a picture of when they purchased a product or service from you.

Put a picture of the client who enrolls in your coaching program in a beautiful calendar. Likely, the client will display the calendar for the next 365 days.

Chances are the picture will be displayed proudly for friends and family to see.

3. Associations

Associations related to your coaching niche are a great resource for marketing. There are associations specific to virtually any industry, profession or business. A quick web search will likely list down associations that are related to your coaching niche.

A major opportunity within many organizations is the chance to network and make presentations during certain functions. Along with presentations come publications or opportunities to conduct workshops.

Often, when you do a presentation, you will get a mention in the association鈥檚 magazine, newsletter, Ezine and/or on their website.

In many cases, when an organization has a magazine, newsletter, Ezine, or website, they welcome the presenter writing an article for them. It saves them time and often assures you have a better chance of the information making it into the publication.

This lends itself to visibility which equals free publicity. Additionally, you will position yourself as an expert and this will increase your credibility.

Most organizations have the following opportunities or avenues that can help you gain visibility and do some very effective marketing:

路 Newsletters
路 Internet listings
路 Business and membership directories
路 Discounted advertising rates
路 Networking opportunities
路 Business referral services
路 Special recognition events
路 Education seminars

4. Community Involvement

Community involvement is a great way to give back to local communities while building visibility for you and your business. In some cases, you may even want to get involved in a community where you have little experience or knowledge. This will give you an opportunity to stretch yourself and meet and network with people you may not have otherwise had the chance to meet.

5. Contests and Drawings

Contests are a great way to generate leads from your website and build your database quickly. You are generating very hot leads when you have a contest with people who have already frequented your website.

There are many tips on how to run a contest but the key is to invite people to visit your website to enter to win. Creative contests can also generate free publicity.

6. Cross-Promoting

Partner with other businesses who have products or services that complement yours and promote each other. Let鈥檚 say you have a health coaching business. You could partner with an online healthy meal delivery service to sell their healthy food to your clients. They can give out coupons for your health coaching business.

Or you can partner with a massage company to promote healthy relaxation among your clients. Cross-promoting is only limited by your imagination and it can considerably cut down the cost of marketing. Additionally, it allows each business to use promotion techniques that might be too expensive to implement alone.

Be aware though of who you cross-promote with as you want someone who will be equally committed to a campaign.

With these life coaching marketing tips at your disposal, you are sure to see an increase in prospects as well as an increasing customer base.

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