How to Get Life Coaching Clients Through Your Website

The Internet is often one of the best ways to promote a business, but as a life coach, how do you get life coaching clients online? With the many ways to advertise online, it is easy to sometimes be in a rush to just get something out somewhere.

How to Get Life Coaching Clients Through Your Website

But no matter where you plan to advertise your coaching business, there are several basic fundamentals that can help you create advertisements that are effective in getting life coaching clients.

How to Get Life Coaching Clients

Here are some tips and ideas that you can use to promote your coaching practice online and get more clients:

1. Write your website copy in terms of what your prospects can relate to

Prospective clients all have their desires, pains and troubles. Their pains and troubles might include not having enough time in a day, trouble with their spouse, or not making enough money. Some examples of their desires include having lots of income, having peace of mind and having a happier life.

So, when you are writing about your coaching services, be sure to start with things your prospect already knows about, such as their pains and their desires.

Additionally, case studies and testimonials of other clients you have helped would further your prospect’s understanding of what you do. These examples are most effective if they are written or illustrated in terms of initial problems and end results.

By explaining what you do in terms of what your prospects know directly, you better communicate what you do. When they clearly see what they can get from working with you, they are more excited and interested in working with you.

2. Make your unique selling position (USP) clear and provoking

As a coach, you need to find out what makes your business different from that of your competitors. From there, you can develop a marketing strategy based on the strengths or even weaknesses of those differences. Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOTs) and develop your strategy from those factors.

Having a USP is extremely important as it sets you apart from your competitors. Your USP is what gets you into the minds and eventually the wallets of your prospects.

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3. Give away free information

  • Write a report that is helpful to your target prospects. Choose a topic that is related to their problems or situations. Then make the report available on your website for download.
  • This strategy provides a lot of value. Everyone likes free helpful stuff, so chances are, they will take action to get it.
  • Once created, giving the report out takes almost no time to do.
  • It tells the prospect that they are getting something of value for free, thus making you a good choice for helping them.
  • Sending people to your website is a great way to build trust and relationships with prospects.
  • People can share this report with other people, increasing your visibility.

4. Give away a free online assessment

Create a series of questions on your website. Then invite your website visitor to answer them in return for a score and an interpretation of that score. This gives them helpful information about themselves and a sample of the type of coaching you offer.

You can also determine which prospects have stronger needs based on their responses. With that information, you will be able to target your sales efforts towards them and increase your closing rate.

This method has a lot of value similar to the report idea. It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to implement, it is automated, it gives value, and it can be referred to others.

5. Use your website to zoom in to your local clients

The Internet is fast becoming the tool consumers use to search for a solution to their needs. If they’re looking for a chiropractor for example, they don’t use the Yellow Pages anymore to get information on one. Or if they need to find the nearest business coach, they just have to log on to Google and type “business coach California” for example, and they will be able to zoom in on a local business coach.

The key is to have the right keywords in your web copy so your target audience can easily search your website on the Internet.

To Sum it all Up…

Your website is not only a tool to get life coaching clients but also for educating your prospects. You will build trust and grow the relationship until they eventually become your paying clients.

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