Life Coach Tips To Start Strong In Every Session

When you’re new to coaching, a few key life coach tips can feel like having a life vest on when you are about to go overboard in a stormy sea. If you’re a newbie, and even if you’re a more experienced coach, it may be a huge challenge to pick up the phone knowing you are the one running the coaching session with an actual client on the other end of the line. The best ways to get past this and start strong on all your sessions are life coach tips that I was lucky enough to get early on in my training, and I want to pass them along to you.

Starting Strong Is An Inner Game

One of the best of the life coach tips I was given for getting past the challenge of initiating and running a session is to prepare for coaching by getting “into state” with a ritual of some kind. You can use visualizations of particularly successful coaching experiences, real or imagined, or other times when you felt powerful, strong, successful, etc. You can ask yourself a set of questions that remind you what you are grateful about, what you are excited about, what you love, or whatever will give you positive feelings. You can use a power move—a move or gesture you make when you feel your most strong, your most sure, your most powerful, to anchor in those feelings.

Develop your ritual using whatever practice works for you to get in a peak state for coaching. Do it every time you will be coaching. Make it a habit and it’s effects will get stronger and stronger the more you use it.

Life Coach Tips To Foil The Fear

There are two critical life coach tips to foil the fear that can keep you from starting every coaching session feeling confident in your role of coach.

1. Remind yourself, perhaps as part of your getting into state, that the sessions you are about to coach are not about you. As part of my coaching ritual I always include these words: “This session is for my client. My stuff stays completely out of it.” Use my words or put the thought in your own words, but one of the best life coach tips is to say it out loud. You will find that those two sentences entirely change how you feel about what you are about to do.

2. Be totally committed to getting a result for your client in the session. This is a second way to give your subconscious mind the message that it doesn’t need to worry about you. It doesn’t have to protect you, so it can focus on your client instead.

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Dorine G Kramer
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