Life Coach Tips That Will Calm Even An Agitated 2 Year Old

Have you ever met with someone who is downright rude and even though you looked through your life coach tips you couldn’t seem to talk your way out to safety? How much more freedom would you have in your life if you had tips that could get you through the toughest situations? What would it be like if even your family members saw you as a resource and coach?

3 Life Coach Tips That Will Get You From Troubled to Triumphant


1. One of the least used life coach tips is to just come clean. We all have agendas. We try to look good, get our own way or otherwise influence people to come into our world and see it as it “really” is. The worst part is that everyone but you can see that. When you are honest, you create the basis for an authentic conversation. The other day my 2 year old son asked if I was angry when he soiled his underwear. I had to assess my feelings, and realized I was annoyed. Not that I was proud of it, but the moment I realized the state I was in I was able to transform it.

2. Understand where the other person is coming from. My 2 year old was throwing his toys around and said he was frustrated. It was obvious he wanted attention, so I asked him to help make bread with me. If you understand where others are coming from, and can offer them a solution to their fears, frustrations or desires; you open up the channels to communication.

3. Give to others from a position of contribution. Just as you open a door for a stranger who you most likely will never to see again, when you give to others without wanting anything in return you can let go of your own expectations. It’s often easier done with strangers, but it is even more effective with people you are closest to.

The Power of Loving Gestures


The effect of these life coach tips is that you will transform yourself, and the people around you, through your contributions. We do this instinctively with small children who are well known for their brief periods of unruliness, and would even consider failing to do so unforgivable. When you recognize this behavior in others for what it is, a temporary lapse into childish behaviors, you regain the ability to use these life coach tips powerfully to make a change for the better.

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Colette Seymann
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