Life Coach Tips For Influencing The Dominant Client

In order to influence your client you need to lead, and there are specific life coach tips to be able to do it effectively.  Especially when your life coach client is a driven, high achiever, who is used to leading.  You can’t go head to head in battle with these clients, because someone is going to get injured.  Even if you win in the moment your coaching relationship will suffer.  Here are some tips to help you navigate what can often appear to be dangerous territory.

Life Coach Tips To Lead the Leader

1.   Getting your clients into action.  The leader is usually very competitive in nature.  If you tell these clients what to do, they’ll fight you.  If they feel at all pushed, they’ll probably push back.  If they can’t effectively push you back, they will often quit coaching just so they can win.  So instead of telling them what to do, you can ask them questions.  For example, “What is one action that you could do that would get you closer to this goal than any other action.”  This puts them in the driver seat.

2.   Challenge your clients to get greater results.  One of the most effective and fun life coach tips for your high achievers is to give them a challenge.  A little playful banter can be very effective in getting your clients to stretch themselves without feeling nagged.

3.  Hold them accountable even when they get angry with you.  If you’re too afraid to call your clients on failing to achieve what they said they would, you’re making it about yourself.  If you are not coming from a place of total love and commitment to your client, you’ll do what everyone else in their life does which is to back down.

Check Your Baggage At The Door

In summary, these life coach tips are about deciding who you are going to be for your clients.  Any emotions need to be checked before you get on the call.  If you get pulled in emotionally, via fear or anger, you can’t be 100% there for your clients.

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Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

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