Leadership Training and Coaching Changes the World

When you first hear about leadership training and coaching, you can have many different reactions, but the truth is that it can, does, and will continue to change the world.  As human beings, our biggest barriers to change are fears, frustrations, lack of skills, and lack of knowledge.  We are fallible, but that doesn’t mean change and progress isn’t possible.  The best people to help individuals and groups make these kinds of changes are COACHES.  Leadership training and coaching will provide this kind of progress for much of the industrialized world and perhaps soon… humanity.

Here’s an example of how leadership training and coaching could impact major issues in the world today.  Let’s assume that coaching can help someone break through fear or frustration.  Do you think there is fear causing some of the financial crisis and recession that’s impacting much of the world today?  Absolutely!  People are AFRAID of stocks going down and so they sell (sending those same stocks down further), which brings more sellers because they are now getting scared as well.  Fear causes people to not purchase as much and so corporate profits go down as well, driving the economy lower.  Fear is not, by any means, the only cause of these market moves, but it is a major contributor to the intensity of the problem.  Coaching can turn that fear around and thus literally change the course of our financial history.

Let’s look at another example… is there some FRUSTRATION right now driving the relationships between, let’s say, India and Pakistan, or possibly Israel and other Arab nations?  Absolutely.  Can you imagine what kind of miracles that leadership training and coaching could bring to those relationships?  We are talking about effects that could literally save lives.

In many other examples I believe that leadership training and coaching can impact situations where lives are on the line.  It is our responsibility as coaches and leaders to keep putting one foot in front of the other on our leadership journey to provide the ultimate contribution to humanity.  We may not be able to ‘bend the course of history’ alone, but combined together, each of our individual actions can change the world with coaching skills.

Jeffrey T. Sooey

CEO, JTS Advisors

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