How to Speak With Confidence: 5 Secret Life Coach Tips to Help Find Your Voice as You Become a Coach

Are you ready for some powerful life coach tips that will immediately put you in the fast track and become a coach?

The biggest fear most people have it that they’re afraid of themselves.  They’re afraid they’re going to embarrass themselves.  They’re afraid that other people are going to see every single thing they’ve ever felt insecure about.  

And you know what?  

That’s not likely to happen.

So here are some ‘life coach tips’ to make it easier for you to become a coach and enjoy the journey: 

Life Coach Tips #1 – RELAX. Have fun, and enjoy the conversation. Speak from the heart. Everything else flows from there. The good news is that if you can’t really relax, people won’t be able to tell anyway (it’s your funeral!).

Life Coach Tips #2 – Make sure what you have to say that has value for your client.  You need to know your client well enough to know what matters to them and to care enough to structure your presentation in such a way that clients will take an immediate interest and remain interested throughout. Remember why you decided to become a coach in the first place.

How do you find out what is valuable for your client?  Ask them these simple questions:

1.  What do you want? What are your goals / dreams?

3.  What are your biggest problems / frustrations?

3.  What are your fears?  

Then ask these same questions in the area that they want your help with.  You’ll get really specific about how to become a coach to those types of clients in that particular niche.

Life coach tips #3 – But what if you are still self-conscious? Stop! It’s not about you. To become a coach, you need to make it about the person or people you are talking to and the information you are sharing with them. Unless you are walking down the “red carpet” in Hollywood, no one is going to remember what you were wearing, or how you sound.  

Believe me, I have coached clients with laryngitis that made me sound like Mrs. Shrek… they don’t remember that. 

As long as you make the conversation about them…and they feel that it truly is all about them. They will forgive and forget everything else.

If you are self-conscious, you are not focusing on the client or their needs. If you’re providing something of value and you’re thinking about your client and their needs, you’re on the right track. You don’t have to be great. You just need to make your client feel you are reaching out to them.

Life coach tips #4 – Know that most people want to like you. Most people are not there to criticize; they’re there to learn, to get some value from what you have to say.  They want to like you, and they will like you unless you give them reason not to.  And one of the best ways to win your client is to talk about what matters to them instead of what matters to you.  Once you understand that and you’re willing to work with your client just about everything else is a detail. Remember, you have become a coach, and it’s time to realize that role by walking your talk.

Life coach tips #5 – Be yourself, speak from the heart, and don’t listen to your own negative self-talk. Become a coach for yourself, or get some outside coaching. Choose some new self-talk that will empower you. For more on this topic try, 

Once you learn these life coach tips, you will realize that you have become a coach with the ability to speak with confidence. And you can start tapping into that power the next time you speak.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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