How to Obtain ICF Accredited Relationship Coach Training Through RCI

ICF Approved Relationship coach training is perfect for anyone seeking to become a credentialed relationship coach. The Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI) is one place to consider receiving quality coach training.

Who is a Relationship Coach? 

Relationship coaching is a solution focused profession. It is a rewarding and enriching profession that is designed to help people have stronger and satisfying relationships.  A relationship coach is a professional who helps couples focus on the solution, and not the problems they face in their relationships.  They help resolve conflicts for all kinds of relationship types while working with these people to help build stronger interpersonal skills and relationship bonds.  This type of coach can choose to focus on marriage relationships, family relationships, or professional relationships (work place).

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What to Know About the Relationship Coaching Institute

The Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI) was founded in 1997 in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is considered the first and largest relationship coach training organization. RCI’s training is ICF ACSTH approved and the program is divided into three different parts; foundations of relationship coaching, relationship coaching for singles and relationship coaching for couples. All programs are conducted over the phone and via virtual classroom. RCI offers credentialing to those interested.  After successful completion of training, a relationship coaching certification is offered.  You want more than just complete training, you want to be a successful relationship coach, and we are invested in your success. RCI offers monthly membership to participants for one time enrollment fee. The membership includes ongoing support, coaching and marketing materials, live training and/or self-study courses and other benefits.

Relationship Coach Training Program: Tips in Locating a Good Training Program

What are things you can look out for when selecting a good training program

First of all, you want to attend a training program that is approved or accredited by a recognized credentialing body.

Secondly, you want a program that is cost effective and flexible (i.e. one that can give you the option of virtual learning, face to face or both. 

Thirdly, you want a program that will teach powerful coaching techniques that can help your clients achieve their goals or objectives

Fourthly, look for a program that can give you lifetime access to all course materials such as audios, videos, handouts etc.

Next, look for a training program that provides information on how to become a relationship coaching independent business owner. A good training program should provide access to business or marketing resources, a course to help get you started in your coaching business.  

What sets us apart from RCI apart from other training organizations that offer relationship coach training is that they are a Business Development Program that has been specifically designed to help coaches build a highly successful relationship coaching practice.

Finally, a program that provides ongoing support via email, phone, chat, forum support and video conferencing.

The Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI) appears to offer most of the things listed above.  It is definitely a training program to seriously consider and if you decide to check out other providers, ensure that you keep these tips in mind when choosing a relationship coach training program.

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