How to Market Life Coaching Business While on Vacation

How to market life coaching business while on vacation, is not as scary as you think if you have ever thought about it. If you are like me, I love to travel and see the world. As a business owner, I am constantly on alert in locating my next client, someone needing help with getting unstuck from her current situation.

Engaging Your Prospective Client

Last year, I traveled for a conference, and It was a mini vacation for me, considering I was long overdue for one. On the two-hour flight to Nashville, I had the opportunity to network with a delightful individual. She was a retired pharmacist who had just started her own skincare business and was traveling on vacation with her husband.  By the time the plane landed, my new friend and I had become each other’s instant customers. We exchanged business cards; she received a 15-20 minutes complimentary coaching session on how to move forward in her business, and I also ended purchasing a couple of products from her.  It was then I realized for the first time that promoting one’s business can happen anywhere, and it begins with a friendly conversation. 

The excitement of getting a new client on the flight motivated me to continue marketing my life coaching business. And so, every place I went, whether a boutique, restaurant, café, the front desk of the hotel I was staying at, I would hand out my business cards and engage them for a few minutes about my coaching services. 

How to Market Life Coaching Business – Using The Internet While Traveling

What I love about coaching is that you can have clients in any part of the country or world; you are not restricted to where you reside to coach your clients.  The internet has made it possible to coach virtually via video chat/conferencing, and of course, by phone.  Let us look at other ways on how to market life coaching business while on vacation.

If you have friends or current clients where you are traveling to, connect with them online or via phone in advance to let them you will be in town for an  x amount of days in case they will like to meet in person or refer someone they know to you at a convenient time for both of you.  

Stay connected online with your network groups and audience on social media platforms.   Posting pictures, messages on where you are and what you are doing is another way of prospective and current clients connecting with you on a personal level. You are building long-lasting relationships that will lead to loyal clients.

Build your email list and nurture the relationship with your audience /subscribers, including those you met during your trip.  Like me, I got phone numbers and email addresses from people I met during my vacation and stayed in touch with them regularly. 

Final Thoughts…

How to market life coaching business while on vacation is not mandatory; after all, you are meant to relax and get some much-needed rest, not work.  But the beauty of being a life coach is that all you are doing is just having a conversation with people, and before you know it, they start telling you about their life goals or issues, and the coach in you emerges.

As long as you are not letting promoting your coaching business ruin your vacation you are going to be okay. Everything you do is all on your own terms and schedule.

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