How to Become a Life Coach With a 3 Day ICF Life Coach Training Program

Is it probable to become a life coach with just a 3 day life coach training program? Yes, you can!  

Anything is possible with a career in life coaching considering the coaching industry remains an unregulated industry. There are three-day, seven days, thirty days training programs available if you are seeking an accelerated course whichever you prefer!

Can I Become a Good Life Coach With a 3 Day Life Coach Training?

It is possible. This accelerated comprehensive program will most likely provide you with the fundamentals of life coaching, strategies, and skills required to make you an effective coach. The course may also touch on the business side of coaching. It depends on how each training provider tailors their classes.

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ICF Approved Providers Offering Three Day Life Coach Training

How do I find these short-term programs, you may ask? For ICF approved or accredited training providers, the best place to locate them is on the ICF website. Click link ICF Training Providers. However, I will list a couple of them here you might want to consider.

  • Work-Life Destinations Life Coaching & Training Academy – This organization is located in Maryland and offers classes eight hours a day on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays in a virtual setting. A few of the topics that the course focuses on include foundational coaching skills, the guiding principles of coaching, ICF code of ethics, SMART action plans, session interaction model. Also, the subsequent step to building a professional practice and preparing for the ICF ACC credentials are covered. Program Cost: 1195 USD. It is an ICF ACSTH program. Phone number: (301) 974-5098
  • Aim Higher Professional Life Coaching Certification – This provider offers training via 30 hours of remote assignments and a 3-day LIVE program. Training sessions are held in Roseville, Michigan. Topics covered include the coaching agreement, meeting ethical guidelines and professional standards, creating awareness, establishing the coaching environment, the intake process, and more. If interested in pursuing the ICF ACSTH certification, there will be observation and activation of live coaching sessions, and seminars on building one’s coaching business.  Program Cost: $1799.  The organization boasts of their students being sufficiently trained and equipped to help clients achieve spiritual, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being. Phone number: (586) 329-3410
  • Certified Life Coach Institute – This ICF approved training provider is located in Colorado and offers a 3 day life coach training online via Zoom Webinar. Program costs are $995. Phone number: (714) 609-6370

Many will argue that getting a 3-day life coach training is not enough to make you a good coach. They may be right, but I would assert that It wholly depends on what the individual wants, as well as the way the school designs its programs. 

Regardless of the length of the training program, the essential thing to possess in addition to the training received is the passion, commitment, and desire for continued learning. Having all these will help prepare you to be the best life coach for your clients.

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