How to Become a Certified Personal Coach

A certified personal coach is a trained professional who helps clients grow and improve in different aspects of life including personal growth, personal relationships, career, business, health, and so on. A well-trained personal coach has the abilities to help people make better decisions, set life goals, make the best use of their strengths, take more action, etc. Life coaching is all about teaching and directing people through advice and encouragement. However, becoming a good and impactful personal coach is a difficult profession and requires a lot of training and development. To develop your knowledge, coaching skills, and confidence, you need to be a certified personal coach.

How to Become a Certified Personal Coach

How do you become a certified personal coach?

Certified personal coaching is the best way to help people who are in need of personal coaches to bring positive changes in different aspects of their life. Besides, being a certified professional not only helps you in developing your coaching knowledge and skills but also helps you attract more and more clients and thrive in your business. 

Becoming a certified personal coach, however, is a long journey that entails a lot of hard work, commitment, and dedication. The following are four key steps to become a certified personal coach and develop your competencies so that you can help your clients beyond any stretch of their imagination. 

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  1.  Get informed

Before starting as a coach, there are some basics that you need to consider. There are certain questions that you need to find answers to. For example, you can start with asking yourself:

  • Do I have the required skills to become a personal coach?
  • What should be my area of specialization?
  • How and what can I offer my clients if I become a coaching professional? 

And then you can move on to the research part and educate yourself about the coaching profession, coaching industry, certification bodies, and starting a coaching business.

  1. Complete coach training and earn an ICF credential

Personal coaching is a big responsibility as it is a job that helps people improve their lives in many different areas and that is why it requires specialized training. To become an impactful coach who has the potential to transform people’s lives, it helps to go into training. 

Earning an ICF credential on top of training substantially increases your chances of getting clients’ confidence. So, if you want to succeed in the life coaching profession, begin your pursuit of becoming an ICF certified personal coach right now. An ICF credential shows you have undergone rigorous training that connects theory to practice. It also shows your commitment to becoming a professional coach.

  1. Get involved and be visible

Do as much as you can to make yourself more visible within the coaching industry. Volunteer to help with events, be on committees, or become a leader or board member.

Being involved does a couple of things for you and your coaching business. First, you’ll get more opportunities to establish connections and get to know some of your existing contacts even better. Secondly, the higher the visibility you have in the group, the easier it is to make new connections. As new people come into the group, they will likely seek you out because they view you as a leader within the organization.

  1. Learn from other successful coaches

A mentor can support you both online and offline to grow your coaching business quickly and efficiently. 

Get a mentor and a team of like-minded coaches to support you during your first few months of learning how to build your business. Friendly support and encouragement from others who are also building the business will help you as you initially grow your business until you become a mentor yourself.

These are just four steps you can take in pursuit of your dream to become a professional coach and they will provide you with a tremendous amount of information and guidance. Your confidence in yourself and your ability to achieve your vision will peak and you will be propelled into further positive action. If you can get yourself to this point, there’s no looking back. What are you waiting for?

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