How Can I Get Coaching Clients For my Practice in Small Town, USA?

You are moving to a small town after years of living in the big city and are wondering how you are going to get coaching clients; starting all over again! It is very normal to be concerned about how to go about getting your practice set up in a new and unfamiliar environment; it may seem scary at first but it is not as bad as you think.

How Can I Get Coaching Clients For my Practice in Small Town, USA?

Moving to a town with a population of 10,000 or less compared to the big city you came from might be a good thing considering you might not have much competition to deal with. Since the coaching field is still relatively new to many, the chances of seeing several professional coaches in your new area may be almost impossible. As a result, it’s an opportunity for you to introduce something new; something that can transform lives.

Proven Marketing Strategies to Get Coaching Clients

Before you utilize any of the tips or strategies below, the first thing you want to do is research what the legal requirements are regarding operating a small business in your county or town and the documents you will need.

Helpful Marketing Strategies

1. Choosing Your Niche – Although you may not have much competition in a small town, you will still be able to effectively help others if you choose to specialize in certain areas of coaching. To do that, you will have to bring to the table something that your prospective clients may be looking for. For example, if you observe that quite a few of the individuals you meet around town appear to be struggling with relationship issues (be it, romantic, family, etc.), then relationship coaching might be a niche to consider.

2. Small Business Association– Joining the local chamber of commerce in your town can prove very helpful for your coaching practice.

• It increases your visibility in the community.
• It helps bring client referrals.
• It allows for networking opportunities.

3. Business Website – Updating your business website with your new contact information is necessary. Also providing engaging content on your new community and its terrain is a good idea. Your clients and prospective clients will love hearing what you have been up to lately because it’s a way of getting to know you on a more personable and relaxed level. The same should also be done for your social media and blog pages (i.e. updating your contact information and providing interesting content for your readers).

4. Time to meet your new community – An effective way to attract coaching clients is to get to know your new neighbors. You can do something as simple as inviting them over for tea or coffee. You get to know the local florist and beauty salon or barbershop by becoming a customer. Make small talk with the cashier at the register or store manager, if available and drop your business cards as you leave the store. Another great way to meet prospective clients includes joining local groups like church groups, volunteering with your town’s non-profit or charity organizations, etc.

5. Speaking engagements – People need to hear what you have to offer; how you can help them and one way to convey the word out there is to create meetup group events, deliver webinars. Your presentation should be between 30-45 minutes. You want to allow room for questions and comments that may result in prospective clients.

In Conclusion, I Would Say That…..

Relocating to a new environment, regardless of its a small town or large city can be a bit of a culture shock, and most likely cause anxiety and stress for many individuals. You surely do not need additional stress figuring out how to get coaching clients for your business. And so, I hope that one or more of these tips will be beneficial in helping you get your ideal clients with ease.

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