“Hard” Versus “Easy” Coaching Business

One of the things that comes up for new coaches as they start their coaching business…

…is that it starts to become hard.

Some things in the coaching business are fun… no doubt.

But some of the stuff you’ll do in your coaching business is not about having fun.

it’s about:

  • getting the client.
  • handling the financial realities.
  • sales.
  • marketing.

…you get the idea.

The good news?

Most people can handle doing some things that aren’t fun.

For example, my wife, Maribel, just came into my office to ask me,

“Will you build a website for my business?”

ME: “Why do you want me to do that?”

WIFE: “Because I don’t know how. You know all about websites, so you do it!”

ME: “Why don’t you try to do it yourself, and then, if you have trouble, I’ll help you?”

WIFE: “Please, honey, just do it FOR ME. I can’t do it myself!”

ME: “No. Go do it and let me know if you need help.”


(Please don’t judge me… sometimes I’m less than helpful, like Dr. Coiner talks about HERE.)

Two hours later, my wife comes back with a big smile on her face…

“I’m going to get my website!”

ME: “Did you need my help?”

WIFE: “No, I know what I need to do now.”

ME: “I knew you could do it. You just didn’t want to do it at first…

because it’s not fun for you.”

So many of us stop ourselves from doing simple things just because they’re not fun.

But almost everyone can handle those things

…once they get past their resistance.

If you’re willing to do things that aren’t fun…

…you can get your coaching business started.

If you’re willing to do things that aren’t fun…you can get your coaching business started.”

But, to have a truly successful coaching business?

You’ll need to do things that are hard.

Some of these things might include:

  • Starting a blog
  • Building a website
  • Making sales calls to prospective coaching clients
  • Building a business plan
  • Setting up financial systems and ways to charge clients

And the list doesn’t stop there. Not even close.

The point?

Hard things begin to crop up early on in your coaching business journey…

…which is when most new coaches quit.

You’ve got to have a good relationship with doing hard things in your business.

You’ve got to have a good relationship with doing hard things in your business.

If you keep working past the point where the coaching

business gets hard…

… you’re actually a pretty rare coach.

The rare coaches…

…they’re the ones that are destined for success.

But what if the typically “hard parts” of the coaching business …were easy?

Can you imagine that?

Part of what makes the coaching business hard…

…is a lack of imagination.

…is coaches doing things the way that everyone else does.

…is accepting “the hard way” as an unchangeable reality.

The coaching business needs some creative problem-solving.

  • Explore how the hard things could actually be easy.
  • Explore how the slow things could actually be fast.
  • Explore how the expensive things could be affordable (or even cheap).
  • Explore how the boring or mundane things could be extraordinary.

Your creative exploration could transform what

seemed so hard.

But, if that’s true (and here’s something weird)…

Since coaches tend to be more on the creative side

…then many of them must not be using those creative faculties in their businesses!

Perhaps there’s a limiting belief some coaches have about their business…?

…that business is not creative?

…that business is always hard, brutal, ugly, and just no fun?

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I’ll give you an example of that limiting mindset in action:

A well-established coach signed up for coaching with me.

She had been in business for years.

She was working full time…

  • Coaching
  • Promoting via her website
  • Publishing video content

She had built a moderate following…

…and had paying clients…

She had huge goals to make seven figures in her business…

…but at this point, she wasn’t even making ends meet.

In the first session we had together. she brought up her content

strategy, which had been less than successful so far.

“I’m publishing 4 videos per week.”

“But I only get 50 views.”

I looked closely at her content strategy.

Then I gave her this coaching…

“You’re putting out good quality content.”

“You’re making a lot of it, too.”

“But the intended audience is not finding it…

…or you’d get tons more views.”

“So, why don’t you do some keyword research to figure out what your audience is looking for?”

“Then you can modify your content a bit, adding in those keyword terms…”

“…and then your audience will find your videos when they search for those keywords.”

Woman discussed with man

She bristled, arguing “There’s no way I’m going to do that.”

I said, “Why not? It’ll take you less than an hour and it’s pretty

simple once you learn the steps!”

She complained…

“It would crush my soul to do any keyword research.”

“I’m a passionate content creator.”

“I say whatever comes to my heart in the moment.”

“So, if that’s the only way you can show me to make this work…

…I’ll have to quit.”

And, since there are many ways to become successful in the coaching

business, I showed her those…

…instead of pushing against her ‘brick wall’ of resistance.

But I regret that now.

After about six months, she quit anyway… after trying

all the ‘fun ways’ to make the business work.

More importantly, you should use her story as a warning to you

…a warning of the death rattle in the coaching business.

The irrational resistance and infantile rejection of anything ‘not fun’.

The fear and flippant evasion of anything ‘hard’.

The rigid unwillingness to evolve or grow.

And, worse, using the thin veil of ‘authenticity’ or ‘passion’ as an excuse.

If that coach had dealt with those barriers

…they might’ve had a chance to get creative about the coaching business.

…and they might’ve found a way to make the ‘hard’ things EASY.

I should’ve confronted her about her limitations.

I should’ve worked with her on creatively getting past her resistance.

Not because an SEO / Keyword strategy is for everybody…

…but because she would’ve had a breakthrough when it came to 

things that are hard for HER.

With THAT kind of breakthrough, she would’ve been unstoppable.

The coaching business is only hard if you make it hard…

…based on limiting beliefs, or limited thinking.

The coaching business is only hard if you make it hard…based on 

limiting beliefs, or limited thinking.”

So, back to that question…

What if the coaching business was easy?

Really think about it…

Think about the hardest part of the coaching business you can imagine 

right now…

What if that part of your coaching business was actually easy?

  • What would it be like?
  • How would you make it easy?
  • What would it take to make it easy?
  • What would it look like if it was easy?

Just asking these questions should start to bring up some creative ideas.

Next time, I’ll give you my ‘go to’ strategies to make hard things easy,

but, for now…

…you can check out THIS VIDEO (WARNING: It’s old school…

recorded in 2008!) discussing the ‘easiest way to become a coach’:


Jeffrey “Take it Easy” Sooey

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