Coaching Hack to Overcome Resistance

If you can get yourself to do the things you…



…or put off…

…then your coaching business dreams could come true, right?

Recently, I bought a book about coaching (off the internet), and I was surprised to discover that it was actually all about Scientology.

And I’ve got nothing against any religion, belief system, or lifestyle…

But Scientology does have a reputation for being a bit of a cult.

And that got me thinking…

How do cults get so many people to do what they usually won’t want to do?

How do cults overcome the natural resistance people have to doing things they're uncomfortable with?
How do cults overcome the natural resistance people have to doing things they’re uncomfortable with?

I’m not asking you to join any cults, but hear me out…

…because I think you can learn something very powerful from cults about breaking through your own resistance.

If you can steal this ‘cult best practice’, and use it to get into action…

(without compromising your ethics)

…that alone could make you successful in your business.

…and you won’t have to join any cults (except, maybe the CULT of making your dreams come true).

…and you could even use this to help your clients take action as well.

What’s this secret that cults use to break down the resistance to taking action?

It’s all about avoiding resistance and starting out with things you want to do.

There is a lot of work that you’re willing to do to achieve your goals…

But also work that you’re not willing to do.

It’s normal to put off doing the hard work necessary to create new and extraordinary results in your coaching business.

And if you try to force yourself to do things you really don’t want to do…

…you’ll never even get started.

Cults know how to get around this little road block…

Cults don’t start off getting people to do unpleasant things…

(The Jonestown cult didn’t ask new recruits to drink poison Kool-Aid on day one.)

Cults start off with an invitation to a non-threatening event or activity.

Cults know how to 'flatten your resistance curve'... perhaps you should do the same.
Cults know how to ‘flatten your resistance curve’… perhaps you should do the same.

Scientology is known to invite people to take a course, or take a short assessment, for instance.

Bottom line?

A cult ‘sucks you in’ through something that you are already willing to do.

Then, through gradually introducing less appealing actions…

…their members eventually lower their resistance

…and do things they’d never do otherwise.

How can you steal this little manipulative tool, and employ it for your own good?

Start with doing the things you enjoy in your business.

…and then slowly introduce small amounts of activities that you don’t like to do.

…until you get used to doing the uncomfortable activities.

Why is this better than the ‘whole hog, white-knuckle’ approach?


It’s about RESISTANCE.

When you experience too much resistance, because you’re forcing yourself into something you don’t want to do…

…it’s just too painful.

…and it’s no wonder you’d never want to take that action again…

…so you stop trying

…and go back to things you enjoy.

The cult control technique around resistance…

But what if you started with something enjoyable, and then only added a little of the task you would normally avoid?

Your resistance would be much lower.

And, if you’re having enough fun, that resistance might disappear completely.

Now the way you look at that ‘scary’ or ‘boring’ activity transforms (driven by your new experience).

As you make progress…

…you could actually get addicted to doing the things you used to hate!

And pretty soon you’re in ‘the cult’.

Bottom line?

Cults do this all the time.

They start with very innocent requests, and progressively get their victims to do more…

Think about an activity that almost no one wants to do much of…


Instead of starting to run 4 miles right away…

What if you put your shoes on and walked for 5 minutes?

It doesn’t sound like much…

…but there’d be no resistance to it whatsoever.

Following through with some consistency allows you to develop trust in yourself.

You’re developing new muscles (both mental and physical).

As you get stronger…

…your trust in your running ability expands,

…which creates new possibilities and opportunities.

Think about an uncomfortable action you’ve been avoiding in your coaching business.

What’s the smallest ‘action bite’ that you can take (to reduce or eliminate your resistance)?

What’s something enjoyable that you can do before, during or after that action?

Colette “Cult Conditioning” Coiner

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