Football, Ballet, and Sales Training Coaching

Whether in sport or dance or sales training coaching is what gets you past the theory, out of the classroom and into reality. Like sport and dance, sales is a performing art. The terrific thing is that, like sport and dance, sales is all about results, so the training coach’s worth is all about the results that they help produce on the field or on the stage or in the boardroom, which means that if you are good you can make a lot of money!

Just what is a training coach?

To me it is someone who understands their art and can teach the techniques that make up the outer game. It is also a strategy coach who can break through performance barriers by working on the inner game. And finally it is an accountability coach who can deliver the action or performance required to excel. Inner game. Outer game. Action. Teacher. Strategy coach. Accountability coach. Three venues. Three sets of skills. But just one training coach.

Style, Grace and Sweaty Palms

In sales, the outer game includes a knowledge of psychology and persuasion skills. The inner game involves motivation and casting off the bonds of past negative experiences. Action means putting in the time and effort to generate the pain and stamina needed for victory. All orchestrated by the sales training coach.

The Sales Training Coach Is the Key to Great Results

Each of us is capable of greater performance. Many say that each of us is capable of great performance. But nearly everyone would agree that few of us can achieve greatness without a coach. And in sales, this requires a sales training coach. So how might one become such a coach? The answer is simple but implementing it is another story. First, master science of sales and the art of influence. Second, become a master strategy coach. And third, develop the hard shell of an accountability coach. Easy? No. Worth the effort? Yes, if you are up for the challenge and ready for the rewards of delivering great sales training coaching!

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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