Five Simple Tips to Get More Coaching Clients For Your Marriage Coaching Business

You have been a marriage coach for more than a year and now looking to get more coaching clients for your business?  Look no further; these five easy steps will help you attract more people.

Marriage Coaching: Is it The Same as Marriage Counseling?

Marriage or marital coaching is not the same as marriage counseling. Marriage coaching’s approach is holistic, future-focused, and goal-oriented. Marriage coaching is focused on finding long-term or permanent solutions to the challenges being faced in the marriage and coaches work with clients to create a realistic action plan to enable clients to achieve their desired goals.

On the other hand, marriage counseling or therapy has to do with dealing with past hurts and issues. The goal of therapy is to help clients understand what they feel and why they feel the emotions or pains they experience.  Marriage counseling focuses on helping clients overcome past problems that impede their ability to function and sessions take anywhere from six months to two years or longer. In coaching, the relationship is typically short term, taking anywhere from four weeks to three months, and a little longer in some cases. 

Coaching gives couples new tools and helps them apply those tools to achieve the type of  marital relationship they desire. 

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The Role of Marriage Coaches 

Marriage coaches help couples move from where they are to where they want to be and recognize that each marriage is different. Coaches will not tell you what to do but will help you figure out what will work best for you as a couple. The role of coaches is  to help individuals overcome conflict and improve communications between  clients and their spouses.  There is more flexibility in the delivery of coaching. Coaching can be done over the phone,at a cafe, at the office, etc.; counseling is less flexible; sessions are delivered mostly in office settings with a restricted schedule.  

Check out these great yet simple tips to get more coaching clients for your business.

  1. Marriage Coaching Blogs: Write blogs in which you can create relationships with your prospective clients. You can write about issues surrounding couples within the context of their marriages. 
  1. YouTube Channels and Podcasts: Create your marriage coaching channel. You can discuss tips on dealing with different marriage problems. With Podcasts, start a podcast giving tips to married couples or people getting married.
  1. Write Self- Help eBooks – Writing on topics that touch on what to do, look out for before saying β€œI do,” and other issues such as overcoming problems that may lead to marital failure/divorce is a great way to advertise your skills to prospective clients.
  1. Create Groups Online– As a coach, you can form online community groups to bring couples having similar issues in one place. Offer free tips along with paid membership programs. Also, consider joining an existing group to locate your prospective clients (e.g., Facebook Group). For example, the women groups I am a member of most often discuss marriage or relationship-related issues more than anything else. 
  1. Free Coaching Sessions – Thirty-minute complimentary marriage coaching sessions for a specified period is also a productive way to get more coaching clients.

Marriage coaching is such a lucrative profession. The benefits to your clients are many, and if you can put these five simple tips into practice, you are well on your way to improving and expanding your coaching business.

Margaret K. Olubiyi
Life Coach
Writer, Coaches Training Blog community

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