Creating a Life Coaching Marketing Plan in 3 Easy Steps

A well-designed life coaching marketing plan is a roadmap for your life coaching business. It will help you map out how you will build your business, who your ideal clients will be, and how you will approach marketing your business. Finding the right clients for your business can be one of the more challenging aspects of launching a coaching business. Even the most qualified coaches may struggle to find clients willing to pay for their services.

Coaching clients require an inordinate amount of time, patience, and commitment. Coaches also need to be ready to change their habits and explore new pathways to grow their business. Deciding whom to contact and how to create value for your clients is an important part of launching any business, but it’s especially critical for a life coach. You can’t just contact whomever you feel is the right fit for your business and expect them to be interested. Instead, you’ll need to adopt the right marketing strategies to generate the right leads and get the right clients interested in your coaching services. In this article, we’ll show you how to create life coaching marketing plans that will get you the right clients and help you build your business.

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Steps For Creating a Life Coaching Marketing Plan

Step 1: Define Your Ideal Client

The first thing you should do when defining your ideal client is to identify them and find out more about what they do, their likes, and dislikes. 

You may have a general idea of who your ideal clients are, but it’s important to dig a little deeper. Do you want to work with people who want to change their careers, want to deepen their knowledge, or are looking for other ways to improve their lives? Is there a particular demographic you’re looking to attract? Then proceed to profiling your ideal client based on the questions below:

  • How much money do they make?
  • What are their job titles? 
  • What industries do they work in? 
  • Where do they live? 
  • What are their financial goals?

Step 2: Create a Marketing Automated System

You can’t just invite your prospects to a sales event and count on them showing up. Instead, you’ll want to use marketing to generate leads, create an online presence, and build your coaching business.

The best way to do this is to create a marketing automation system and use a lead generation tool to collect and automate your leads. With a marketing automation system, you can build a lead management system that lets you see who is interested in your business, who is ready to become a client, and who has given you permission to contact them. With this information, you can set up email sequences that get your clients ready to buy and help you build your business.

Step 3: Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Creating a marketing strategy doesn’t just help you set up your lead management system, it also helps you create a content marketing strategy. Content marketing is the process of generating and publishing high-quality content that educates your audience, builds your authority, and helps you sell more services. By creating a blog, publishing articles, and publishing videos and images, you can help teach your clients about different paths to growth, provide them with tips and tricks for success, and help them achieve their goals.


A life coaching marketing plan should include a strategy for growth, a strategy for lead generation, a strategy for selling your products and services, and a plan for pricing your services. Once you have all these set up, you come up with a marketing plan that will help you find the right clients and build your business.

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