Coaching “Niche Fear”

“I want to start my coaching business in the sexual trauma niche.”

“I’m super passionate about the work… but all the experts say that niche won’t enroll in coaching…”

(A coach in the Synergy Private Client program brought this up to me last week.)

“Should I coach on a niche that’s PROVEN to get clients or…”

“….Do I coach on my passion and HOPE I get clients??”

I responded, ”What’s stopping you from pursuing the niche you’re passionate about?”

She answered “I don’t know, I’m afraid…”

…and she trailed off into fear after fear.

I finally cut her off, That’s what’s stopping you… NICHE FEAR.”

Have you ever had ‘niche fear’ in your coaching business?

It’s scary to try a coaching niche you’ve never tried before.

Especially when NO ONE has EVER tried that niche before.

Perhaps the stakes are high for you…

If you don’t get clients, everyone sees it

…because you put yourself ‘out there’.

If your ‘passion niche’ doesn’t get clients…

…your family is affected by it financially, and they may suffer because of that.

You may have to go back to your ‘day job’

…the commute

…the negative people

…the nonsense!

I know a lot of coaches that fall back to coaching ‘entrepreneurs’ or ‘weight loss’ (or some other ‘mainstream’ niche)…

Man in fear of falling off rock

…because of their fear about an untried, untested, uncertain niche.

BUT… If you don’t at least TRY your ‘passion niche’...

You’ll always wonder…

“Could I get enough clients coaching the niche I love?”

What if you could make your ideal niche work?

You’d LIVE your passion.

You’d change lives.



Clients respecting you for your authentic gift

Can you imagine all that as a part of your daily life?

Few coaches EVER get to live that life…

…because of ‘niche fear’…

…OR because they don’t know how to pioneer a new coaching niche.

Here’s how to try a new, untested coaching niche

…without “niche fear” stopping you.

First, if you can’t have conversations with the people in your niche

…you don’t have a niche.

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How do you get your niche to talk to you?

First, explore a little with a few ‘niche questions’.


  • What problems does this new coaching niche have?
  • What results are they looking for?
  • How am I going to connect with this coaching niche?

This will help you consider how you’ll

  • Start conversations with the niche.
  • Get that niche’s attention.
  • Make your coaching ‘attractive’ to that niche.

Then, ask the most critical question:

“WHERE do I go to START these conversations?”

Online you can start conversations on websites/apps like…

  • Facebook
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Search engines (Google, etc)

Offline, you can start conversations in social circles like…

  • Networking Groups
  • Meetups
  • Groups that share your hobbies and interests
  • Your network of friends and family
  • Other common community hubs: Nail Salon, Golf course, Schools, Kids sports games, Yoga class, etc.

Now that you’ve narrowed your target “Who” and “Where”

What do you do to communicate with your new niche?

More important than TALKING is LISTENING.

More important than TALKING is LISTENING.

LISTEN for the predominant conversations in that niche.

Notice what’s most common in those conversations.

Are they all talking about a similar problem?

Are they all talking about wanting certain results?

Those problems and results conversations show you what kind of help that niche values.

Once you’ve got a sense of this, pivot to TALKING.

When you talk to your niche, talk about…

  • Your niche’s problems
  • Your niche’s results
  • Your solutions / how you can help

More of that niche will want to talk with you.

This is what my client was working on when she shared her ‘niche fear’.

She told me, “I didn’t get clients when following the guru’s advice.”

“…but when I talk about my passion…”

“…people talk to me!”

ME: “Have any of them HIRED YOU to coach them?”

She answered anxiously…

“Well no….not yet.”

That’s the next problem she’ll need to solve if her ‘passion niche’ is going to work.

And, at some point, you’ll need to solve this problem, too.

Overcome Niche Fear

Your niche may be willing to talk with you, but…

…will they PAY to talk with you?

Eventually you’ll need to find out if your ‘passion niche’ will pay for your coaching.

If they don’t pay you, your niche won’t work.

You might have lots of conversations with your niche.

You might even set lots of Discovery Sessions with them…

…but coaching conversations don’t automatically lead to cash.

Your niche might like to talk about the weather, music, or movies…

…but that doesn’t mean they will PAY to get coaching about those things.

Why not?

Either the problem doesn’t hurt enough for them to hire a coach…

…or the results they want aren’t valuable enough to them.

They just aren’t serious about making real progress in that area.

There’s a big difference between people who want to talk to you because they’re committed to real change…

…and people who just like talking to you, and have zero commitment in the matter.

Maybe they just want to ‘vent’.

Maybe they just want a ‘support group’.

Maybe they just want a ‘social club’.

Phone call

These ‘talker’ niches will just talk about the problem

…but never do anything.

You’ve got to draw a distinction between


…and the WALKERS.

IF it turns out your niche is just full of TALKERS

move on to a better niche.

What if you can’t help yourself, though?

What if you’re determined to coach this niche full of TALKERS?

You CAN still make money coaching that niche…

…but you’ll need a monetization strategy to use instead of coaching.

These non-coaching monetization strategies include…

  • Ads
  • Membership Subscriptions
  • Merchandise (t-shirts, mugs)
  • Patreon
  • Donations

Those are ways to generate income, even if you don’t get 1 on 1 coaching clients from that ‘passion niche’.

But you won’t usually have to resort to those desperate measures.

Most niches will enroll in paid coaching

…but you need to be patient.

Give yourself enough time to find out if your niche will enroll in coaching.

Since nobody’s coached this niche yet…

…there’s no proven path to success.

This is the scariest part of ‘niche fear’.

The fear that you’ll try your passion niche, and…

lose your way.

waste your life.

blow all your money.

…and regret the whole thing.

It’s probably the same fear an explorer feels when setting out to an uncharted destination

No GPS to direct them…

No map to the territory…

…because no explorer has ventured that far.

What do the great explorers do when they’re not sure that the destination even exists?

They go far enough to make progress

…but not so far that they get lost.

They can always find their way back home.

How can you ‘find your way home’ while exploring your ‘passion coaching niche’?

Decide in advance how much time you’re willing to spend…

before you consider changing to a different niche.

In that time period, you’ll need to find out if this niche will enroll in your coaching.

You could plan to spend 12 months keeping track of your…

  • Conversations
  • Discovery Sessions
  • New Paying Coaching Clients
  • Monthly Coaching Income

At the end of the 12 months, you’ve got to decide if you’ll keep exploring…

…or choose a new niche.

You’ll need to ask…

“Do I need to make adjustments to this niche?”

“Is it time to change to a different coaching niche?”

If you decide to change your coaching niche…

  • Make sure you know why you’re leaving your niche.
  • Do all you can to ensure your next niche doesn’t have the same limitations.

If your niche doesn’t make money

…that does NOT mean your coaching business is over…

…not by a long shot!.

If your niche doesn’t make money…that does NOT mean your coaching business is over…not by a long shot!”

You just haven’t found a niche that will pay for coaching…yet.

It’s OK if your first, second, or even your third coaching niche doesn’t work.

You can try UNLIMITED niches.

As long as you’re alive

As long as you don’t quit

…you can still find the right niche for you.

At one point no coaching niches existed.

Then, a coach pioneered that niche.

Now it’s established.

YOUR coaching niche could be the next ‘big thing’.

Remember my client’s ‘niche fear’?

‘Niche fear’ is a damn good thing.

Experiencing fear shows that your coaching business really matters to you.

Experiencing ‘niche fear’ shows that your chosen niche really matters to you.

That said, fear can get out of hand.

Fear can control you.

Don’t let fear run you!

Don’t let fear run you!

Don’t let fear prevent you from helping your ‘passion niche’.

How do you keep going when you’re afraid?

One option Steve Chandler suggests, is that you take on this mindset.

“I’m afraid to do this…

…but I’m going to do it anyway.”

If you aren’t stopped by fear…

…and you do “it” anyway…

…eventually, you’ll find your niche.

Successful coaches will keep going.

They are willing to explore the uncharted territory.

Whether they succeed immediately (or not) is irrelevant.

Their ‘niche fear’ won’t stop them

…because they know their fear proves that their niche is too important for them to give up…

…NOT a sign to stop.

Face your ‘niche fear’…

…and you’ll coach your most important client.

They are waiting for you, coach.

Go get them.

Kris “No Niche Fear” Thompson

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