The Altruist Guide to Getting Coaching Clients

The key to ‘getting clients’ is to add massive value.

You’re probably pretty good at adding value to your coaching clients…

…but how do you add value in your marketing?

You do it the same way you’d add value to your best friend.

It sounds weird to talk about ‘adding value’ in a friendship…

…you know why?

…because you’ve never had to think about it before…

…you just do it.

…it’s natural to add value to a friend… no plan required.

Manipulation is not good in a relationship or in marketing.

You don’t do nice things for friends for purely selfish reasons.

You do it because you care about them.

We give to our friends out of an abundance of love for them…

…not to manipulate them.

It’s not about reciprocity.

If your friend only gave to you because they expected something in return…

…you probably wouldn’t want to be friends for long.

Manipulation is the kiss of death for any relationship…

And that includes marketing to your tribe.

When you are selfish in your coach marketing…

…it’s cheesy,

…it’s creepy,

…and it doesn’t lead to good relationships with your clients.

most marketing is typically pretty selfish…”

Dr. Colette Coiner, PCC

For example…

SELFISH COACH #1 enrolls a new client and then gets lazy because they were primarily concerned about getting their coaching fee, so…

  • They don’t follow up when the client misses their session.
  • They deliver half-assed coaching…

…and then, they blame the client when the client wants to quit.

SELFISH COACH #2 writes blog posts that are self-centered and self-promotional instead of creating content that’s truly valuable to their audience…

…then they wonder why no one is paying attention.

SELFISH COACH #3 worries about whether a prospective client will enroll.

…then they feel nervous during the discovery session because they have formed an unhealthy attachment to that outcome.

I bet you know in your heart that ‘giving to get’ like that won’t attract clients.

You’re not a selfish person…

But most marketing is typically pretty selfish

…or it’s thought of as selfish.

And that’s why you either…

1. Shy away from marketing…


2. You force yourself to go through the ‘marketing motions’, even while it proves ineffective.

Thankfully, marketing doesn’t have to be selfish (or ineffective).

Enter – ‘Altruistic Marketing’

‘Altruistic Marketing’ is where you make GIVING your marketing priority

…with no strings attached.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t expect a return from your marketing

…it’s just not your main motive.

Here is the 3 step Altruistic Marketing Process:

1. Be Yourself (Authenticity)

People are going to get to know you eventually anyway…

…so why bother trying to be someone you’re not?

Being authentic allows people to relate to you for who you really are.

3 ways to be yourself (authentic) in your marketing:

  1. Admit one of your failures or struggles.
  2. When you’re excited about something, express your feelings with enthusiasm and don’t hold back.
  3. Be vulnerable. Let people know your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Deeply Listen to Clients (Empathy)

Listen with true empathy for your clients and prospects…

because you care about them and want to help them…

…not for some other selfish reason.

4 Ways to deeply listen to your clients:

  1. Survey your clients and/or your subscription list.
  2. Ask people to respond and comment on social media so you can get to know more about them (not just to boost your stats).
  3. Ask questions during webinars and give participants an opportunity to share. Take time to read the comments and bring them into the conversation.
  4. Make extra time at the start of a Discovery Session to get to know your client more deeply. What is important to them? Follow up with probing questions to learn more about them, their dreams, and their struggles.

Remember, whatever the platform, don’t just ask questions…be sincerely interested.

3. Offer Irresistible Solutions (Generosity)

The key to making a solution irresistible is to generously employ what you learned from the listening process in Step 2.

When people say or ‘no’ to your offer, be willing to have the tough conversation to discover what is missing. Listen to feedback without being defensive and adjust to meet their needs.

3 Ways to make your offer irresistible (generous):

  1. Create bonuses that would really help your clients, even if it requires extra work on your part.
  2. Upgrade your program: You could give more time or sessions with you, or bring in another coach with special expertise.
  3. Find ways to help prospective clients even if they don’t sign up.

This 3 step process to Altruistic Marketing becomes a positive cycle of growth for your coaching business.

As you work on communicating and marketing your authentic self (step 1)…

…you start to attract an authentic connection with potential clients.

…based on who you really are, rather than who you wish you were.

And as you get to know clients authentically (step 2)…

…you’ll develop greater insights into contributing to them

…and how you might help them in a way that no one else can.

And as you work to offer those irresistible solutions (step 3)…

…some of your offers will work…

…and some of your offers will fall flat.

As a result, you’ll know what needs to improve, and that will inspire you to…

…rinse and repeat step 1.

But not in the typical redundant marketing grind…

…rather, at a new level…

…inspired by who you’ve become throughout this altruistic journey.

it’s tempting to do it just for selfish reasons …but don’t get sucked into that trap…”

Dr. Colette Coiner, PCC

Now that you’ve grown, being your authentic self in your marketing will be even more profitable.

Not because you are ‘trying to get clients’…

…but because clients see you as the ideal coach for their specific needs.

There ARE a lot more SELFISH benefits to this type of altruistic marketing.

When prospects see how generous and truly caring you are with them…

…They’re more likely to enroll in coaching with you.

…They’ll refer other clients to you (just for the discovery session alone, if it was valuable).

Altruistic Marketing makes you irresistibly attractive in terms of referrals, enrollments, and other ‘returns’ on your investment.

So it’s tempting to do it just for selfish reasons…

…but don’t get sucked into that trap

…Because then it will stop working…

…or, you won’t be able to sleep at night.


Because Altruistic Marketing isn’t something you DO.

It’s a purpose that drives you.

It’s who you ARE while you’re marketing.

And that will change the outcome of your coach marketing.

People can tell when you’re in it for YOU…

…versus when you’re in it for YOUR CLIENT.

Make your marketing about THEM.

And then you will never have to worry about marketing in the same way…


Colette “Clients First” Coiner

P.S. Can you imagine treating your ‘target market’ like a good friend?

How do you think you’ll do it?

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