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The concept of coaching jobs is extremely broad territory to cover. I’m not even sure whether or not Coaching jobs would be the correct terminology but, one has to start somewhere. First let me start with a simple definition of what Coaching is about. A Coach or Coaching organizations are committed to transitional and transactional leadership. In other words, coaches invest themselves in getting you from where you are now to where you want to be. The core competencies are essentially the same regardless of Niche or style. Certain technologies, systems, or models are likely to be different (depending on the market served).

So let’s look the first aspect of coaching jobs – style. When you go through coaches training each facility will likely have its own twist. For example; with JTS Advisors’ organization, you have Accountability Coaches and Strategy Coaches. The upside to this system is that you become very skilled in one aspect of coaching. The sole purpose for an Accountability Coach is to make sure you do what you say you’re going to do. This is not an easy task. Most of us find reasons to not keep our word. These folks let you get away with nothing and the results are spectacular. These Accountability Coaches often team up with Strategy Coaches. Strategy Coaches are trained to help develop strategies that will meet your goals and impact your life in virtually every respect. They are collaborators, sometimes mentors and can be asked to wear the consultant cap from time to time. Their job is not to consult. It doesn’t do anyone any good if you don’t come up with your own answer for your own AHA moment. The great news about this system is that you can specialize in style. The down side is that you may limit yourself from extended growth. Another style is that that is common with organizations such as the International Coaching Federation, or CTI. Here you are trained to deal with both strategy and accountability and are expected to use the ICA (Intention, Commitment, Action) model in one session. The good news is that you can achieve a more balanced practice however, you may find that your strengths as a strategist overshadow the accountability needs or vice versa.

the next aspect of considering coaching jobs is niche. In most cases, you will be told to select your niche often before you have completed your training. The available niches are as many as your mind will allow you to create. There are career, marketing, life, business, brand, relationship, parent, teen, child, brand, sports, and weight loss coaches. And the list goes on. The important message here is that a niche – the market you serve needs to be clearly understood before you launch your brand. Is it viable? Is there a demand? Is there a lot or a little competition? Do your homework otherwise you may find yourself with few clients.

Finally, coaching jobs can be just that… a job (working for someone else). At JTS you must go through the designation process to become a JTS Advisors coach at which point you will be sent leads and clients and are paid accordingly. In other companies, you are trained in their particular style of coaching and are paid a salary to coach clients as they come through the door. Regardless of the business and selling model, you must realize that you are an employee and must “drink the Kool-Aid” so to speak. Like any employer, Coaching companies with on-site coaches expect loyalty and adherence to their brand. If you are someone who prefers autonomy there are other models to consider but essentially, you run your own show. What you should know is coaching one to one can be satisfying, earning power is limited unless you are fortunate enough to command top dollar for individuals who are at the top of their game; CEO’s, COO’s, political leaders, celebrities etc. If this level is not your niche, look for a model that allows you to speak to a larger group at one time. There are a variety of ways to do this and I would encourage you to explore the different models available to you.

When considering coaching jobs, understand how you work, your skill set and your leadership style. Do your homework just like you would exploring any career opportunity. What you land on needs to fit you by supporting your strengths and giving you every opportunity for success.

Ellen Smith

Accountability Coach, Strategy Coach — JTS Advisors

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