Who Needs a Money Coach? What People Really Want is a Financial Freedom Coach

No one really needs money or a money coach. Sure they might think they do, but what they really want is what they can get with that money or from that money coach. They want the ability to choose. Basically, money is a unit of choice. If you have $500 and you want to buy a car you will have fewer choices than someone who as $5,000 or even $50,000. A financial freedom coach can help define and achieve goals in a way that clients feel successful along the way.

Being a Money Coach Requires that You Learn the Real Value of Money


What can a financial freedom coach offer? People who don’t have money think that if they only had money they would be happy or secure. They might think that if they just had enough money to hire a money coach they could make it all happen. But when people believe that money equates happiness, freedom or security, what does it mean if they don’t have it? They are unhappy, insecure, and slaves. Not a great mindset for success.

A Financial Freedom Coach Must Help Their Client Create Goals


The first step you’ll need to do as a financial freedom coach is to help your client create goals. Where a money coach may be happy with a financial number and a plan to achieve it, as a financial freedom coach you really want to help create dreams with a deadline. Not just the money, but what it will mean for your clients in terms of feeling significant, secure, and maybe even getting more love or variety.

A Money Coach Knows the Value of a Healthy Mindset


The next step you’ll need to do in order to move past being a money coach and into the realm of becoming a financial freedom coach is to create a successful mindset. It’s odd that without the mindset, few people can ever achieve what they really want. Why is it that you have to step into shoes of success before you get to go to the ball? Cinderella had to transform from a sobbing girl in rags to a woman in a beautiful gown before she could meet the prince. The average money coach won’t transform people they way the fairy godmother transformed Cinderella.

As a Financial Freedom Coach, Make Sure There’s a Plan to Stick To


What else should you do as a financial freedom coach? Get your clients to step into the role of who they want to be when they accomplish their goals. I’m not saying that a money coach won’t do this, but the focus is usually different. Make sure you help your clients step into the shoes of someone who is capable of making decisions confidently. Making more money alone doesn’t prepare people to handle it when it comes. Lottery winners are notorious for losing it all after a big win merely because they aren’t prepared. Make sure your financial freedom coaching clients are prepared with a plan that really leads them to where they want to end up.

Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

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