As A Money Coach Or Financial Freedom Coach, How Do You Increase Your Client’s Income?

As a money coach or financial freedom coach, how can you help your client increase their income? First, you will give them the services of a financial freedom coach to manage their money better. As a money coach, you know clients will likely need to increase their income to achieve their goals. We are going to cover two coaching strategies to help you coach your clients to increase their income.

As A Money Coach Or Financial Freedom Coach, You Must Change Your Clients Money Habits

Our habits determine up to 90% of our behavior. As a money coach or financial freedom coach, you will need to change your client’s money habits. You cannot only take away their bad money habits. You must also replace the bad habits with good habits that will create money. If you do not replace bad habits with good habits, they come back worse than before.

As a money coach or financial freedom coach, you know the value of time. Time allows money to grow. You know we cannot get more time, but we can get more money. One financial freedom coach technique is to teach your clients to assign others to do activities they should not be doing.

Have Your Clients Do What They Do Best And Pay Others To Do The Rest

As their money coach, have your client do what they do best and pay others to do the rest. Have your client take their annual income and divide it by 2000. That will tell them how much an hour of their time is worth. Once they have that figure, they can better determine what tasks they should do themselves, and what tasks they should delegate. For example, if your client’s time is worth $100 an hour, they shouldn’t invest their time doing something they can pay someone $10 an hour to do. If they make $100 an hour, then it doesn’t make sense for them to cut their own grass. It makes more sense to pay someone else to do it.

Your client can use this information to become their own money coach and make better decisions about where they spend their time. If they only spend their time doing things that will increase what an hour of their time is worth, their income will grow. If you act like a financial freedom coach and help your client use their time and money wisely, you will become a better coach, and they will be better for it.

Kris Thompson
JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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