How To Get Life Coaching Clients Through Seduction

It sounds a bit unethical to think about how to get life coaching clients through seduction. When you think about it though, shoving coaching down people’s throats isn’t the way to go either. Exploring the art of how to get life coach clients without being salesy or pushy is appealing, especially since that seems to be they way most coaches do it. If you want to be able to enroll new clients before you become a sales superstar, there is hope. How To Get Life Coaching Clients To Want You Let’s … [Read more...]

How to Get Life Coaching Clients: Using the Internet To Find Life Coaching Business Even If You’re Not Tech Savvy

With some basic tools, just about anyone can use the internet to get more life coaching business. Even if you have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with your computer, you can learn how to get life coaching clients from the internet. Believe me, I don’t know of anyone who thinks I am the least bit tech-savvy. But this I can do. The key to getting more life coaching business with this strategy is to think like a farmer. You need to prepare the field, plant the crops, and allow them time to … [Read more...]