Your Career As A Life Coach: Roller Coaster vs. Kiddie Ride

Is your career as a life coach more like a roller coaster or a kiddie ride? Maybe you’re just starting out on the ride and it is fun and exciting. In the beginning of your new career as a coach, life seems filled with anticipation. Just like the beginning of a roller coaster, ride up to the point where the ride takes that first big drop. That’s when anticipation turns into apprehension. Dreaming About a Career As a Life Coach Won’t Prepare You For the Ride When you dream about your future … [Read more...]

How to Increase Your ‘YES’ Rate by 50%-200% in Your Career as a Life Coach

Life Coach Careers Cut Short I had a partner that was very skilled in his career as a life coach.  When I help someone establish themselves in their life coach careers, some are very good at what they do and some are just okay. This Guy Had Talent in His Career as a Life Coach He approached me with a joint venture deal, and was really intense about it, almost rabid in his excitement to get going.  I eventually met with him, and discussed the deal.  He had an opportunity that looked like it … [Read more...]