How to Become a Football Coach in 8 Not-So-Easy Steps

If you think it will be easy to become a football coach, think again, or move in to another profession, because becoming a football coach takes dedication, commitment, and plenty of time. Even to become a football coach in youth leagues, though it doesn't take any specific education or experience, takes plenty of time and commitment. Football Coaching Levels Youth leagues. No experience required, though it certainly helps to have played high school football. You will need to pass a … [Read more...]

Become a Life Coach: Become a Football Coach

Do you want to become a life coach? Or do you want to become a great coach? If you want to become a great coach, you are going to have to become a football coach. And not just an ordinary football coach, become a football coach who takes their team to the Super Bowl. This is of course a metaphor, because the only sport they let me play in college was track. But I did see how the football players trained, and I am willing to share my view of what it takes to become a football coach. Become a … [Read more...]