Become a Life Coach: Become a Football Coach

Do you want to become a life coach? Or do you want to become a great coach? If you want to become a great coach, you are going to have to become a football coach. And not just an ordinary football coachbecome a football coach who takes their team to the Super Bowl. This is of course a metaphor, because the only sport they let me play in college was track. But I did see how the football players trained, and I am willing to share my view of what it takes to become a football coach.

Become a Life Coach Who Creates Commitment Within the Team

The first thing you need to convey to your clients (or team) to become a football coach is commitment. Everyone shows up on time, with their gear and ready to work. If not, it’s 10 laps. The football coach didn’t need to be bigger than the members of his team, but somehow no one ever really complained. Sure maybe an, “Aw, Coach!” as they started their laps. But they wanted to be on the team, and they did what they had to do. Don’t be afraid to be tough. Become a life coach who lets your clients know you stand for them and their goals, and become a life coach who’s willing to command the same level of commitment from them.

Become a Life Coach Who Knows That The Main Thing is to Focus on The Main Thing

The next thing you need to know to become a football coach is how to get your team to focus on the main ‘thing’. In football, the main thing is to score as many touchdowns as possible, and prevent the other team from scoring. For your clients, you want to become a life coach who can help them find their focus. Once they have that focus, don’t let them take their eyes off the goal. Support them and help them overcome any obstacles that will inevitably come up.

And the most important part of setting up your clients for success if to become a football coach who knows the value of being part of a teamBecome a life coach who helps your clients set up their own success team, ideally even a separate strategy and accountability coach. Also make sure your clients have an empowering peer group, and can find others who are supportive in their goals.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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