How to Become a Football Coach in 8 Not-So-Easy Steps

If you think it will be easy to become a football coach, think again, or move in to another profession, because becoming a football coach takes dedication, commitment, and plenty of time. Even to become a football coach in youth leagues, though it doesn’t take any specific education or experience, takes plenty of time and commitment.

Football Coaching Levels

  • Youth leagues. No experience required, though it certainly helps to have played high school football. You will need to pass a background check and learn to get along with annoying parents, but that’s about it.
  • High School. These jobs are in demand and are difficult to obtain. Many schools require you to have a teaching position and you will need to start out as an assistant or position coach and gradually move up the ranks.
  • College. These jobs are difficult to get if you have not played at the college level. Even if you aren’t a future pro, go to a small school and put in your time, even if you sit at the end of the bench. Playing in college looks great on your resume.
  • Pros. Good luck with these, though it is possible if you play at the college level, pay your dues coaching at the college level, and make contacts that will help land you a job in the pros.

Become a Football Coach – 8 Not-So-Easy Steps

  1. Play at the highest level you can. If you are only good enough to sit at the end of the bench on a small college team, do it. Learn everything you can from your coach and make it known to him that you desire to enter the coaching field at the end of your playing days. Many coaches enjoy playing the mentoring role.
  2. In college, you should major in physical education. Though you will have to take a few science courses, there is no need to major in quantum physics or biology. You like sports – you’ll like physical education.
  3. While you are majoring in physical education, it may also help to minor in business, management, or sports management (some school’s have this degree -why didn’t they have that when I was in college?).
  4. To become a football coach, you need to study the game and become a true student of the sport. Learn the game’s nuances and intricacies by studying film, reading books, and talking with your coaches. It also helps to read about some of the legends of the game, from Bear Bryant to Vince Lombardi to Nick Saban to Bill Belichick.
  5. Every job is an opportunity. Put your name in for any, and I mean, any, jobs that open up. When you are first starting out as a coach, jobs may be difficult to get. You think learning psychics was difficult? Try getting a football coaching gig as a novice!
  6. 6) Be willing to relocate – the more willing you are to move to a different part of the country, the more likely you will land your first job in football.
  7. To become a football coach you must be willing to live without money in your bank account for some time. Starting out as a football coach isn’t like starting out on Wall Street – the hours may be the same (long!), but the pay is as different as night and day.
  8. To become a football coach, be prepared to be involved in a demanding career where failure lurks around every corner and after every game. But, it sure as hell beats working in a cubicle or sitting at a desk!

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