How to Become a Health Coach Who Gets Clients Off the Diet Roller Coaster

If you want know how to become a health coach who makes a difference, then you need to help your clients achieve long term results.  Let’s face it: weight loss goals don’t work long term.  Once people achieve their health goals, they start losing interest.  Summer is here, and people are motivated to become a little thinner so they look good in a swimsuit.  When it gets colder people can hide a few extra pounds in layers.  How is a coach supposed to do to keep people on track all year? How to … [Read more...]

Health Coaching to Combat the Battle of the Bulge: How to Become a Health Coach Who Gets Their Clients Cooking Toward their Goals

How to become a health coach is a common question, since health coaching is considered to be a super-niche.  If you are eager to learn how to become a health coach in the sub-niche of weight loss, you must learn how to address motivation.  People who are overweight are most commonly driven by the need for certainty.  Certainty is also known as comfort or security, and we’re all slaves to comfort food when we get stressed or uncertain about something.  Once your health coaching clients are aware … [Read more...]