Is Life Coach Accreditation Important?

You have decided to become a life coach; should you be worried about life coach accreditation? If you are searching for advice, you may immediately get confused – some experts say “no”, while other experts say, “yes.” You will find many different opinions if you peruse the Internet. Who is right and does it really matter? Some coaching schools are accredited and some are not? Should this matter? Should you care? In the early days of the coaching industry, when the competition was light, … [Read more...]

Think It’s Time to Get Your Life Coach Accreditation? The Enemy of All Rational Coaching Thought: Professional Coaching Certification

The Lie of Professional Coaching Certification .is a whole lot of BS.  Really.  We are coaches, and we're supposed to help people think outside the box, right? . Instead, we try to go and get our life coach accreditation... trying to get into a 'box' ourselves.  We have to get our professional coaching certification so we can fit into the great 'coaching guru's' definition of coaching, and then think that we are done with our coaching skills education.  Now all the coaching we're doing is … [Read more...]