Your Life: the School of Coaching and How to Use it to Advance Your Life Coach Career

What is The Real School of Coaching?

The real school of coaching is your life, and what you do with it.  No matter what you do, life will always offer the next life coaching lesson and give you a chance to improve your life coaching skills.

Your life can’t be separate from your life coach career everything you do in one area of your life impacts every other area.  like a J.O.B. How do you know you can help others handle their challenges? How do you know you can make a difference for others through your life coach career? How do you really know if you have the “know-how” to be a coach?  The answer comes from applying knowledge you learn from coaches training classes and turning your own life into a school of coaching.  Here’s 3 simple steps to get you started:

Step 1 to Turning Your Life Into a School of Coaching for Your Life Coach Career: Look for Opportunities to Grow

Any confrontation with someone, anything that stresses you out, that causes you to miss out on the success you dream of; are all opportunities for you to learn new skills. Skills that will be valuable to people who are part of your life coach career. We tend to attract people who have similar problems to those we have, and to really be prepared to coach someone we should be at least one step ahead of them. Otherwise, we aren’t leading. You might even call this scenario “the blind leading the blind.”

Step 2 to Turning Your Life Into a School of Coaching for Your Life Coach Career: Get Coaching for Yourself

Areas we need to work on tend to be filled with blind spots. Be open enough to really work on ways to improve your skills. My own coach can see my patterns and solutions so quickly that I have a whole new perspective on family gatherings. I used to refer to them as personal growth retreats; but now I can actually relax and enjoy myself instead of just trying to get by. And how has this affected my life coach career? I am more confident, I can see people’s patterns more easily, and my clients are getting results much faster when coaching them on family relationships. I’m ready!

Step 3 to Turning Your Life Into a School of Coaching for Your Life Coach Career: Stay in Coaching

I recently took a month off from coaching because I didn’t feel like I had enough time. My life got off track a bit, and I failed to make as much progress toward my goals as I thought I would on my own. I spoke with my coach several times a week because we work together, but it’s not the same as that one-on-one focus you get from a coaching session. My life coach career continued to move forward, but in hindsight I can see some areas that I could have worked on during that month “off” that would have really helped my in my own school of coaching. And if you are feeling that coaching is not worth the time or money for you right now, it may be time to start looking for a new coach.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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