Coaching + Training + Marketing = Success

Here’s a math equation to figure out: Coaching + Training + Marketing = Success. It’s not some type of math you’re familiar with, and it’s not even some type of new math they are teaching these days. It’s not advanced algebra or something that’s used to figure out complex physics mysteries.

Coaching Training
Coaching Training

Coaching + Training = Success is all about how you can be a success in the coaching profession.

Why Coaching Matters

The first part of the equation is coaching, and what do we mean by coaching? In this equation coaching means experience. Every minute you coach, every session you lead, every moment you are working with a client counts as experience. The more experience you get, the more ability you will have. You will learn how to deal with difficult clients, how to adapt to various situations, and how to find more outcomes for more types of clients.

You won’t be a great coach when you start out no matter how much talent you have, but you can eventually become a great coach with experience.

Why Coach Training Matters

Coach + Training equals Trained Coach. That’s a simple yet powerful equation. You aren’t required to have training to call yourself a coach, but as the industry matures and becomes more competitive, training will be an essential component of success.

Get the right training and you will acquire the basic skills necessary to be a good coach. The training provides you with skills and knowledge which you can apply when you work with clients. What you learn in coach training becomes part of your coach’s toolbox, and the more tools you have in your toolbox, the more weapons you’ll have when trying to find outcomes for your clients. So, now we have coaching + training – there is one more piece of this equation.

Why Marketing Matters

You can have the most skills, the most comprehensive training, and be the best coach in the universe, but if no one knows who you are, how good you are, and what you can do, you won’t have any clients. Developing a marketing plan that is adaptable, measurable, and feasible will get your name and brand out to the world. All avenues of marketing should be explored. Marketing can sometimes be a trial and error endeavor, so you must be persistent and patient. But you will probably not be a successful coach without applying all parts of the equation: Coaching + Training + Marketing. All three variables have an impact on your future success.

Coaching + Training + Marketing = Success

Do the math – you have experience, great training, and you have a working marketing plan. It can only add up to success. Focusing on all three areas will put you in the best position to succeed in a rewarding yet highly competitive profession.

Know the match, do the math, and trust the math – be a trained coach who knows how to market and you will end up as a successful coach!

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  1. Matteo says

    Lately Im looking into how to better my marketing strategy with my business. Reading this post makes me remember that if I want to be successful I cant forget about the marketing aspect of my business.

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