Is a Business and Personal Coach Really a Life Coach For the Businessperson?

Some coaches called themselves a business and personal coach, but isn't this really another name for a life coach? Well, let's analyze what each of these coaches do and see what we can figure out. What is a Business Coach? There are many definitions of a business coach and you can find many different descriptions online. The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) describes business coaching as the process of engaging in regular and structured conversation with an individual or team … [Read more...]

Business And Personal Coach: One In The Same?

Many people today are so focused on their careers that they don’t think they need a business and personal coach. I’ve actually heard clients tell me they don’t have time to worry about their relationship with my spouses, only to be awoken a few weeks letter with threats of divorce. The limiting factor of success is always the weakest link. Whether it is the husband and father who sacrifices his career to spent time with his family or visa versa, there is hope in having a coach who can address … [Read more...]