Stages in Your Quest to Become a Life Coach: Ready for the Next Level of Coaches Training?

There are 4 stages that you need to go through to become a life coach.


Each stage will require different coaches training to get you to the next level.

The first stage to become a life coach: You’re INTERESTED. You think about coaching, check out some websites and blogs. You may even talk about wanting to become a coach or enroll in coaches training. But you don’t, because being interested alone never got anyone off their chair.

The second stage to become a life coach is COMMITTED. Now you know what you don’t know, and have signed up for coaches training. You are taking massive action, and have started to get some results. You start feeling like you are becoming a coach.

The third stage to become a life coach is EXHAUSTED. You have been taking so much action that you are burnt out, exhausted, and maybe wondering why you started doing this in the first place. But you keep going, get some coaching, and perhaps enroll in another coaches training to refine your skills so you are more effective.

The fourth stage to become a life coach is VICTORIOUS. What you created in the committed stage, and repeated again and again until you arrived in the exhausted stage, is now something that is effortless. Your friends and family are now taking your coaching advice and you have so many clients that you can afford to hire an assistant. You may even be leading a coaches training yourself. Of course you’ll want to pat yourself on the back and celebrate with your coach.

So which stage are you inTo become a coach you will go through all these stages at some point, and as you continue to grow you are certain to pass through them again. And if you are feeling like you are not improving as quickly as you would like, get support through coaching or coaches training.

Colette Seymann

Accountability Coach, JTS Advisors

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