Career Coach…Extreme Makeover for Your Job?

Do you need a career coach? Are you stuck in a dead end job? Do you love what you do for work, or are you waiting to win the lottery so you can quit your job? Does going to work inspire you to be your best in all the other areas of your life, or does it make you feel grumpy and tired at the end of the day? Is your career fueling your passions, or is it a means to an end? Unfortunately, many people never get started because the task seems so daunting.

Working with a career coach can have a dramatic effect on your life. How does it work? First, you will need to do a thorough search of your strengths and weaknesses. Assessments such as DISC and Values Profiles can provide great insight. Your career coach will also guide you to look at your past positions, and help you sort out what you loved/hated about each. This will allow you to find some common trends to guide your search. In addition, you need to take a look at your skills. Hard skills are those skills that can be measured, such as knowledge base, skills you may have learned along the way. Soft skills are more esoteric, and not particularly easy to measure. They are our natural aptitudes and abilities. For example, someone may have the soft skill to be organized, but lack the hard skill of knowing how to implement a file system.

A career coach will not only help you understand your passions, but also get you into action through strategizing a career plan and a job acquisition plan. Your coach will know how to get you motivated, and hold you accountable to your goals. And with professional support in handling the obstacles, having a great career is within reach.


Colette Seymann

Accountability Coach, JTS Advisors

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