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Career Coach Training is something you don’t want to wait to do; especially today. Whether you are already a trained or certified coach or someone entering the coaching industry today, career coach training is a valuable asset. Being trained as a career coach can open doors for you and provide you with a very satisfying career helping people develop their career potential. While the coaching industry is relatively young, the career coaching industry is not. Those who have specialized in career counseling have paved the way with career development and job transition.

There are the fundamentals of coaching that good career coach training must provide you in terms of your skill sets. You will use these techniques to get your client to open up, explore different options and move forward. As a career coach you will add to your toolkit as a career specialist in addition to your coaching skills. Become trained and skilled at the use of Assessments. At JTS, DISC, PIAV, and axiological assessments are used through TTI international, however there are other options. The point is to be trained and conversant in assessment technology. They will help you and your client understand their strengths, their ideal environment, how to achieve the maximum result in communication and to set actionable goals. You will use these assessments to help people discover their “deal breakers” and even how to interview the company they are looking to work for. Having assessment knowledge also puts you in a different classification. You will speak the same language as many HR professionals which can lead to a sizable opportunity to work with employers using a career coach to help them hire or transition.

Some additional things you will want to look for in choosing a career coach training facility are:

Career Coaching can be an exciting and lucrative opportunity. But the training is essential. Do the training. Do the work. Help People. Be Successful. That’s the formula. JTS Advisors offers an excellent training program, but do your homework and find that best training facility for you.

Ellen Smith

Accountability & Strategy Coach, JTS Advisors

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