Business Success Coaching: The Kiss of Death In Marketing

One of the best things you can do to help your business success coaching clients get more business is to help them define what they do. We can laugh and agree that we can’t be all things to all people. But do we really understand that thinking everyone is a potential customer means that no one is really our customer? In today’s world of high speed marketing and information, the competition to win customers is fierce. But why do people, including business success coaching clients, fail to clearly define their target markets?

The 3 Most Common Business Success Coaching Mistakes

1. It’s too basic too really be important. One common business success coaching mistake is in determining a niche is that clients think that because it seems so simple, they gloss over it quickly.

2. Discovering a target market is too much work. It does take work, resources, and time to decide on a market. Most people without a business success coach stop often stop short when they realize how much effort it can be.

3. Failing to gather information. Data must be collected and analyzed so one can make wise business choices instead of choices based on personal or emotional preferences.

The Fear That Keeps People From Success

In this economy it’s hard to think of turning anyone away who would willingly pay you. Even if your coaching clients want every customer they can get, they still need to call them by name to get their attention in the crowd. Not literally, of course, but by marketing to them in such a way that they see your client as the solution to what they need or want most. Which is more attractive to you? “Meat for Sale” or “Made to order Kobe Burgers.” Even if the second option is not enticing, the first option sounds a bit suspicious. What type of meat? Is it even safe? There is something very attractive about seeing an ad for your specific need. Almost as if they know you personally. In this competitive market, your coaching clients need you to help them find a way to shine above the rest.

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Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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  1. marquita herald says

    Sounds like great advice. I’ve never had a problem turning away a customer if I felt what they wanted or needed was outside of my niche or “mission.” In fact I view this as a great way to build brand and reputation because (so far) I’ve been successful at referring such customers to someone who can help them if I can’t. It builds bridges with both the individual as well as the professional who’s taken the referral. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. says

    I totally agree.. I have been one to working with a coach brush over the target market as they thought I had it all down pat. Well a few years later I get it… if I dont’ have it nailed down, I ain’t going anywhere!! I can’t scatter my expertise to those who don’t want it and it certainly isn’t going to be attracting to people who don’t want it!! Great post… Glad to know it isn’t a secret but there are others out there that have to work on the target market…

  3. says

    I cannot agree more than what Marquita Herald had said above. Call it the law of attraction, but people who come into my niche are those I enjoy working with. When someone comes in that is not a match for me or needs something other than I can offer, I refer them to someone else. I had been doing this offline for about 30 years and now I apply the same principle to my online clients. It shows professionalism and the client appreciates honesty. You just can’t go wrong.
    I am so happy you posted this information. I hope many learn from your advice.
    Thank you,
    Donna Merrill

  4. says

    It is scary to turn away money but with coaching I would think that the time factor is taking on a client that isn’t a good fit is bad for business. Getting a niche down takes work but it is well worth the time. It makes thing go so much easier if you are define on what and who you are selling to.

  5. says

    I love what you said about how if “everyone” is our customer than no one is our customer.

    The more the internet and social media expand the more easily non targeted messages will be lost. In addition to this, it makes the writing of content easier because you know who you are talking to.

  6. says

    Hi Colette, I agree, it’s important to work out “who” our target market is, in any business. And, the internet makes it easier to do research and see who’s looking for whatever we’re offering people.

    I was reading a book recently called “The Answer” where examples were given of companies who turned over a million more dollars in a year, after they worked out who their “ideal client” or “target market” really was.

    bye for now, Julieanne

  7. Jaclyn Castro says

    Hey Jeffrey,
    I agree in that it does take some effort to determine a niche and target market. But it’s absolutely necessary, it is the purpose of our website/blog. Without a purpose, we’re nothing but a ship without a rudder. Thanks for sharing some great tips!

    -Jaclyn Castro

    P.S. I would definitely go for the “Made to order Kobe Burgers.” 🙂

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