Become a Coach Who Changes Lives in One Session: This Coach Training Transforms Your Toughest Clients

Have you become a coach who is frustrated with hearing the same story from your clients? They want change but instead of taking action, they argue with you. Stop banging your head against the wall, because the issue is not about your lack of coaching expertise!  It’s about your clients’ limiting beliefs. By the time you are finished reading this coach training article, you will have become a coach who transforms your toughest clients into your most successful clients.

Our beliefs shape who we are, what we will attempt in life, our perception of the world, and how we will respond to circumstances. But beliefs are nothing more than a feeling of certainty that something is true. Sure we prop up our beliefs with “proof” (similar to the way table legs support a tabletop), but start knocking down that proof and you can rattle that belief (just like taking away the structural support from the table (the legs) the table will fall). With a few coach training tips you can become a coach who can help your clients get rid of their limiting beliefs and build new beliefs that will help them move toward their goals (oh yeah, and stop arguing with you!)

Coach Training Step #1 – The Challenge and the Opportunity

Most people don’t consciously decide what they are going to believe. Most of the time our beliefs are based on our experiences as we see them through our own filters of perception. Once we adopt a belief, we start treating it as if it were a reality. You need to become a coach who can help your client find out what their limiting beliefs are.

Coach Training Step #2 – Create Doubt about the Old Belief

Next, you need to become a coach who is masterful at creating doubt about the old belief. If you can get your clients to start doubting their beliefs, the supportive structure will fail. Ask questions like, “How is this belief ridiculous?  Are you buying into someone else’s beliefs?”.

Coach Training Step #3 – Link Pain to the Limiting Belief

Ask your client questions such as “What will believing this cost you in the future?  What will you miss out on?”  Become a coach that really helps your clients paint a clear picture of what will happen if they continue to hold onto their belief.

Coach Training Step #4 – Find Empowering Alternatives to Replace the Old Beliefs

Unless you replace the old belief with another belief, it will come back. Ask your coaching clients questions like; “What do I need to believe in order to succeed? Who is succeeding in this area, and what do they believe?”

Coach Training Step #5 – Link Pleasure to the New Belief

Try asking your client these questions. “What will you achieve in the future by believing this? What will you gain? How will that make you feel? What negative consequences will you avoid in the future believing this?”

Using these 5 steps can help you transform even the most challenging clients within a single session. Showing people how to replace their negative beliefs with new, empowering beliefs will get great results.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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