Who is the Wealth Coach?

Look around the Internet, or do a search on Google, and you will find many individuals calling themselves “the Wealth Coach.” Who exactly is the wealth coach and what do they do? Who is the Wealth Coach? There are many coaches calling themselves wealth coaches. Who are these people? They are people who decided to make a difference in their own lives so they could eventually make a difference in the lives of others. They help people find as much wealth as possible through planning, … [Read more...]

What is the Average and the Top Salary of a Life Coach?

What is the average salary of a life coach? What is the best salary a life coach can make? If you are thinking about becoming a life coach, you should be asking many questions before you start pursuing your career. How do I start? What training do I need to become a life coach? How much money can I make part time? What is the average salary of a life coach? What is the top salary of a life coach What is a Salary? Before we begin, we should talk about salaries. In the … [Read more...]

What is Executive Leadership Development?

What is executive leadership? Is it born or made? Is it nature or nurture? Does it comes with experience or does someone just have “it” before they even get in positions of leadership? What is executive leadership? In a way, it's everything just mentioned above. Leaders are probably born to some extent, but they are also created through education, nurture, experience, and development. Executive Leaders are Made Most research exploring the question of leadership suggests that … [Read more...]

Are You a Smart Fitness Coach?

Are you a smart fitness coach? No, I'm not asking if you have a genius IQ and also coach fitness? I'm asking if you run a smart fitness coaching practice? A Smart Coach is a Successful Coach A smart fitness coach is not only a good coach, he or she is a good business person. A smart fitness coach is a successful fitness coach. You have to be smart in a highly competitive field to attract, obtain, and retain clients. So – are you smart? How to be a Smart Fitness Coach Your … [Read more...]

Coaching Certification Programs + Christian Coach Training?

Looking for coaching certification programs + Christian training? Do you sense God calling you to coach and to administer to others? Do you have a passion for Christian values and leadership? Christian Coaching – A Rewarding and Exciting Career If you long to have a career that is both rewarding and exciting, Christian coaching might be right for you. You can start with coaching certification programs + Christian training, but only after you assess whether this is the right career for … [Read more...]

Get a Weight Loss Coaching Certification and Create Losers

Getting a weight loss coaching certificatio is a great way to motivate and create losers. Losers of weight, that is! Getting a weight loss coaching certification means you can motivate people to achieve their health and weight loss goals. America is Fat Yes, the United States is fat and getting fatter every day. About two-thirds of Americans are considered overweight – they are more at risk for Type II diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, knee and hip replacements, and a host of other … [Read more...]

8 Benefits of Using an Online Health and Fitness Coach

Why would you use an online health and fitness coach? Sounds like it would be hard to be healthy and get fit while sitting in front of your computer. Online Health and Fitness Coaching For Everyone The future is now! Online health and fitness coaching is the next big thing in exercise, nutrition, and wellness. With the power of the Internet, everyone can have access to an online health and fitness coach. Doesn't matter if you're old, ill, injured, lazy, disabled, poor, weak, or scared … [Read more...]

What is Situational Leadership Training

What is situational leadership training and how does it apply to coaching? Situational leadership is a framework for employee and managerial development that goes above and beyond normal group leadership. It teaches leaders to recognize the needs of an individual or team and then use the appropriate leadership style for each situation, individual, or group. Leadership in Today's World In today's global and highly competitive world, all leaders, whether at the lower levels, or at the … [Read more...]

Why You Should Become a Cancer Coach

Become a cancer coach and heal the world! Sounds like a wonderful idea, and it would certainly help millions of people if they could work with a coach as they struggle to defeat this deadly disease. However, becoming a cancer coach is not for the faint of heart. Cancer Coaching is Not for the Weak When you become a cancer coach, you will be entering a world where you deal with people's emotions, and these emotions are often raw and unrestrained. Can you handle this? Are you willing … [Read more...]

How to be the Success Coach Everyone Wants to Hire

The success coach who helps clients become successful will be in demand, and consequently, make a great living. But, how do you become a successful success coach? What is a Success Coach? Coaching is a profession that has melded theories and practices from nay different areas, including psychology, business, mentoring, sports, motivation, and communications. The success coach can be any type of coach – life, sports, career, executive, health and wellness – because when a client goes to a … [Read more...]