How to be the Success Coach Everyone Wants to Hire

The success coach who helps clients become successful will be in demand, and consequently, make a great living. But, how do you become a successful success coach?

Success Coaching
Success Coaching

What is a Success Coach?

Coaching is a profession that has melded theories and practices from nay different areas, including psychology, business, mentoring, sports, motivation, and communications. The success coach can be any type of coach – life, sports, career, executive, health and wellness – because when a client goes to a coach, he or she is thinking about achieving some measure of success in a particular area, or in many areas.

The success coach is like a master of all trades. The success coaching expert can be general or specific, broad or work within a niche.

But, to be a successful success coach, whether you call yourself a life coach, executive coach, wellness coach, or just a success coach, you need to have a system that will help propel clients to a successful attainment of their goals.

8 Ways to be the success coach Everyone Wants to Hire

You want to be the coach everyone is talking about? You want to be the success coach who has everyone waiting for your time? Here’s how you become the success coach everyone wants to hire.

  1. Begin with a personal assessment of each client. There are many different tools you can use (Coach Training Institute’s Wheel of Life, Coach U’s Clean Sweep, etc). You can also assess needs, clarify values, assess readiness to take risks, and learn about preferences.
  2. Ask powerful questions. This is the core of good coaching. Every coach and every success coach must ask powerful and profound questions. Here are a few examples:
    • “Where do you want to be in one year, five years, ten years?”
    • “What is your most urgent problem or obstacle?
    • “What changes would you make right this minute if you could change anything?”
    • “What will you regret not doing when your life comes to an end?”
  3. Active listening. This is another vital element for good coaching. Active listening is not the same as hearing. Active listening means paying attention to more than just the words or the story; it means listening to how it is told, the exact words used, the tone, and the context. It also means being observant to both the verbal and non-verbal messages.
  4. A little nurturing goes a long way. Help your client understand that success is not just about hard work, every day, all day. It is also about recharging the batteries. Help your clients develop habits that provide nurture and relaxation. Help your clients develop healthy habits – both for their minds and their bodies.
  5. Help your clients build their self esteem. Most successful people don’t lack for confidence. Without a high level of self-esteem it is very difficult to achieve personal goals. Self esteem, without arrogance, breeds success.
  6. To be successful, it is important to be surrounded by success. Sometimes the environments we live or work in are not conducive to success. The success coach who helps build successful people understands that environments (people, places, etc) matter.
  7. Help clients learn the importance of support systems. We all need a little support from time to time. Making strong connections with family, friends, community members, co-workers, and peers is one of the most overlooked ingredients of success.
  8. Help your clients find their passion. It is not always possible to work in a field for which you are passionate about. However, most people don’t even try. They fall into a profession and are afraid to take a risk on something they are passionate about. Help your clients discover their passions and then help them find ways they can incorporate those passions into their work and lives. Passion is another often overlooked ingredient of success – especially for those individuals just entering the job market.
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