5 Keys to Effective Online Sales Coaching

One of the best ways to coach your sales team is through online sales coaching. It is convenient, timely, doesn't require a large conference room, and the meeting can be recorded and played back for future reference at any time. Though online sales coaching is different in some ways than traditional sales coaching (either one-on-one or group), there are many similar factors that can make it extremely effective or a total waste of time. More companies are beginning to see the value of sales … [Read more...]

What is Coaching For Success?

What is coaching for success and is it the same in any setting or profession? Whether you are a career coach, life coach, corporate executive, business manager, or athletic coach, you have to place an emphasis on success. Success has many different faces, meanings, and definitions. It can be about winning the game or championship, reaching goals, achieving specific sales totals, or beating the competition in some shape or form. But, what is coaching for success if success is so many different … [Read more...]

What is Coaching Psychology?

What is coaching psychology? According to the International Society for Coaching Psychology, coaching psychology is: The practice of coaching psychology may be described as a process for enhancing well-being and performance in personal life and work domains underpinned by models of coaching grounded in established adult and child learning or psychological theories and approaches. After reading that, do you now know what coaching psychology is? If not, let's explore its meaning and how you … [Read more...]

What Types of Life Coaching Business Niches are Right for You?

Life coaching is not monolithic – there are many variations and types of life coaching business niches. A life coach can select a specialty in which he or she has experience or passion, or one which appears to have a large target market and a lack of coaches. There are many types of life coaching businesses – what is the right one for you? What Types of Life Coaching Business Niches are Right for You? Selecting the right life coaching business niche can mean the difference between success … [Read more...]

Do You Need an Accredited Coach Training Program to be a Life Coach?

If you want to be a life coach, you need to take an accredited coach training program. Is it required? No. Is it illegal to be a life coach without taking an accredited coaching training program? No. Is it essential to take an accredited life coach training program before becoming a life coach? You bet it is! Sure, you can hand out a shingle that says LIFE COACH, and you can call yourself a life coach, but without the proper training, you won't be all you can be as a life coach. Coaching … [Read more...]

5 Great Ways to Get New Life Coaching Clients

To be a successful life coach, you need to have a consistent way to get new life coaching clients. There are three principle ways to achieve and maintain success in the coaching business: Get new clients Retain old clients Develop alternative avenues of income – books, DVDs, and other sources. In this short article, the focus is on getting new life coaching clients – where to find them and how to attract them to your coaching practice. You can use any one of these methods or put all … [Read more...]

Top 10 Tips When Coaching For an Awesome 2014

If 2014 is starting a little slow for your coaching business, these top 10 tips when coaching will help turn the year around and put your coaching business on a path to success. Coaching is a competitive business and you need to stay one step ahead of the competition. The first five tips are ways to directly improve your visibility and your client base. The next five tips are all about you; improving your attitude and your zest for life and coaching. Top 10 Tips When Coaching For an Awesome … [Read more...]

The Basics of 1-2-1 Business Coaching For Business Professionals

As an owner of a business, or someone in a managerial position (supervisor, manager, team leader, etc.), 1-2-1 business coaching is an essential part of any successful business. However, because you are not a coach, have not been educated and trained to be a coach, and have probably not had experience being a coach, you may not be sure how to coach your employees or subordinates in a 1-2-1 situation. You may have some experience talking to and motivating a team or a group of employees, and … [Read more...]

Want to Be an Online Training Coach…Now?

Do you want to be an online training coach? Do you love sports and helping people achieve fitness or a higher level in their sport? Becoming an online training coach is a great way to reach more people and serve a greater number of athletes. People rely on the Internet and internet services more and more each year. People are beginning to look online for ways to get in shape, lose weight, and train to become better in their chosen sport. More and more athletic trainers and fitness gurus are … [Read more...]