What is the Best Health Coaching Program For You?

What is the best health coaching program? Before we answer that, it is best to answer a few other questions first. What is a Health Coach? Before you can determine what is the best health coach program for you, it is beneficial to have a precise definition of a health coach and what they do. A health coach helps clients identify their wellness goals, motivates them to take steps toward their goals, improves their time management skills so they have time to achieve their exercise goals, and … [Read more...]

Get Your Career Started With Online Wellness Coaching Programs

Being a wellness coach requires a unique set of skills which can be acquired through the right online wellness coaching programs. These skills are often not taught in traditional coaching programs as wellness coaching is a relatively new segment of the coaching industry. Online wellness coaching programs can help teach the skills and knowledge needed for coaches to work with individuals and groups who want to make changes to their health and their lifestyle. Wellness coaching programs are the … [Read more...]

What is Positive Psychology and Why it Matters for a Life Coach

What is positive psychology? It is a relatively recent branch of psychology that seeks to find and nurture what makes life worth living. Instead of focusing on weakness or pathology, it focuses on strengths and virtues. Though it focuses on positive characteristics and traits, it does not dismiss or ignore the very real problems and issues that people face. What is positive psychology at its most fundamental level? It is the study and process of what makes life worth living and how achieve … [Read more...]

What is a Good Name For a Life Coaching Business?

What is a good name for a life coaching business? Is it best to just use your name? John Doe Coaching? Or some variation with your name? John Doe Expert Life Coaching? Or is it best to leave your name out of the title? Expert Life Coaching. It is not easy to answer the question, “What is a good name for a life coaching business?” However, there are a few guidelines that can help you select a good name for your life coaching practice. What is a Good Name for a Life Coaching Business – the … [Read more...]

What is a Relationship Life Coach?

What is a relationship life coach? It is a life coaching specialization, or niche, which focuses on helping people find greater fulfillment and happiness in their relationships. What is a relationship life coach? It is: A life coach A life coach who focuses on relationships as a niche. What is a Relationship Coach and What Do They Do? Relationship coaches usually have experience as life coaches and then begin to specialize in relationship issues. They often have training and … [Read more...]

Women’s Leadership Coaching For a Better World

One of the best niches in the coaching field just might be women's leadership coaching. Think about it – you have a large target market, women, who are hungry for leadership skills which will enable them to compete in a rapidly evolving world. Greater gender equality creates a better environment. The top five countries on the gender equality scale, as compiled by the United Nations Development Programme, are the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, and Norway – all prosperous and … [Read more...]

What is Zen Life Coaching?

What is zen life coaching? What is zen? What does zen have to do with life coaching and why should we care? Zen is an attitude, a state of mind, a place of being. It is all about finding a peaceful and satisfying place in this world. It is about becoming one with something besides yourself. One with the world, one with life, one with your life coaching career. What is Zen Life Coaching and Why Does it Matter? Zen life coaching is both an attitude about your own career and an attitude … [Read more...]

Who Can Become a Life Coach?

Who can become a life coach? That is the question? Can you become a life coach? You can if you possess certain qualities and abilities. To be a life coach, you need: Communication skills Patience Observation skills Empathy Ethics Motivation Intuition Energy Creativity Thirst for knowledge However, there are a few more qualities and abilities you need if you want to become a successful life coach. Who can become a life coaching success story? You can, if you possess … [Read more...]