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4 Tips for Increasing Your Personal Coach Salary

You often see articles about the average personal coach salary, or the amount the average life coach makes. However, who wants to be average? Who wants to make an average salary or a middle-of-the-road income? The question you really should be asking is - How do I make more as a persona coach? Average Personal Coach Salary Here are a few facts from the 2012 ICF Global Coaching Study, which surveyed over 12,000 coaches in 117 countries. The average salary of a life coach is … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Business

A Sample Business Plan For a Life Coaching Business

You already know you need a business plan – so here you'll find a few tips on business plan writing and a sample business plan for a life coaching business. A Few Quick Tips on Writing a Business Plan for a Life Coaching Business Give yourself time to write it. You may even need to write it over the course of a few days. Don't rush! Make it comprehensive yet concise. That means it needs to contain all pertinent information, but you have to cut out the crap. Stick to the main … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Business

How to Speak With Confidence and Authority

Do you want to know how to speak with confidence and authority? Do you want to know how to get the audience's attention and keep it? Speaking with confidence is something that benefits anyone and everyone. Do Coaches Need to Know How to Speak With Confidence and Authority? Though listening is one of the most important parts of their job, coaches also do plenty of talking. They speak one-on-one, but many coaches also give seminars or speak in front of groups. No matter if it is to one … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Business

Determining Your Personal Coaching Fees

How should you determine your personal coaching fees? Does it really matter or should you just pick a number out of a hat? Yes – Your Personal Coaching fee Matters The amount you charge is one of the most important decisions you can make when starting your coaching business. Your personal coaching fees have a direct influence of how many clients will consider your services and actually pay money for your services. You want to get your personal coaching business off to a good start? Take … [Read more...]

Us Coach – Real Coaching Term or Headache for a Writer?

Do you know what an Us Coach is? Either do I. But, one of the keywords phrases generated by the trusty, well, maybe not so trusty, keyword generator was “us coach.” Hmm..let's search Google. Not much there, unless I should write about US Coach Tours, or Coach leather stores in New York, but that probably doesn't fit a coaching blog. Keyword Phrases That Make Life Difficult For a Writer This is just one of those awkward keyword phrases that are generated automatically with little regard … [Read more...]

How to Get New and Old Clients Excited About Your Small Business Consulting Marketing

Is it possible to compare small business consulting marketing to a delicious holiday meal? Sounds like a stretch, but let's give it a try. Mouth-Watering Holiday Goodies Thanksgiving has just ended and the holiday season is here – it's the season for holiday parties and meals. Just think about the delicious treats you might be served at a party, or about that mouth-watering meal just waiting for you at the family get-together. Just smelling that turkey or ham or roast beef makes your … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Your Life Coaching Fee is Too Low

What type of life coaching fee do you charge? Are your life coaching fees too high...or too low? If you are like many life coaches, your coaching fees are probably too low. 3 Ways Coaches Charge For Their Services There are three main ways that coaches charge for their services. They are: By the session ($100 per hour, etc.) By the month ($500 per month for x number of sessions) By the package (3 or 6 month packages for a specified fee – usually with a discount built it) Many … [Read more...]

Salary of a Life Coach, Training – Make the Difference and Make a Great Income

Salary of a life coaching, training – make the difference in the world and also make a great income. How great it is to make a difference in people's lives and also make a great income in a career that is enjoyable, dynamic, and filled with opportunities? What is Salary of a Life Coach? Salary of a life coach – training – makes the difference between barely earning enough to survive and reaching your financial goals. You want to get great training to begin your career, and you want to … [Read more...]

Starting a Life Coaching Business – Simple But Not Easy

Starting a life coaching business? You've heard how easy it is? How anyone can do it? You've seen the hype, right? Well, let me burst your bubble – it isn't easy! Starting a Coaching Business is Not Easy Do you really think starting a life coaching business is easy? Do you think it's easy being a business owner? Starting, owning, and operating your own business is hard work. You have to be willing to work your butt off. You have to be willing to take a punch and get right back up. You … [Read more...]