Why You Should Not Become a Coach

Don’t become a coach. That’s right, coaching is not for you! Well, at least it’s not for you if you enjoy a boring work day sitting in a cubicle, hiding from an overbearing boss, and typing up useless reports.

Become a Life Coach

Did you see the classic comedy movie, Office Space? The main characters hated their jobs as they slaved away for an unbearable boss, performed useless tasks, were crushed by boredom, and never received any recognition, reward, or share of the profits. If that looked good to you, don’t become a coach.

5 Reasons You Should Not Become a Coach

  • • You love having no real responsibility.
    • You enjoy clocking in and out every day at the same time.
    • You detest human interaction and avoid it like the plague.
    • You love routine.
    • You have no desire to help other people succeed.

Do You Like to Make Money For Someone Else?

Coaches have flexibility in the careers. They can elect to work for someone, or they can blaze a trail on their own. They can decide to work for themselves and not for someone else. They can create alternate sources of income to put their career into a higher gear.

If you like working hard and earning profits for someone else, then coaching is probably not the right gig for you.

5 Reasons You Should Become a Coach

If you read this far and are still thinking of becoming a coach, here are a few good reasons to make the decision to start pursuing your coaching career:

  • You see the world through rose-colored glasses and always view the glass as half full. Coaching is a realistic but inherently positive profession. You don’t work with negatives; you see obstacles as challenges and problems as opportunities.
  • You enjoy working your own hours and being your own boss. This doesn’t mean you get to be a slacker. Hard work matters and coaches work hard, but if you have a passion for it, it sure doesn’t seem like hard work.
  • You love mysteries, riddles, puzzles, and mazes. When you work with the goals and dreams of others, you have to be great at figuring out what motivates, inspires, and challenges your clients. You have to be able to determine the best way for them to overcome obstacles and to reach for the dreams. When you first see a client, they are a mystery, a riddle, a maze, and a puzzle to be solved.
  • You love to challenge yourself. What could be more challenging than being a coach and dealing with the emotions and aspirations of various individuals? Coaching offers challenges that are more diverse and creative than most other work environments.
  • When you coach others, you also coach yourself. That’s right – being a coach also supports your own personal growth and development. As a coach, you commit yourself to continuing education, lifelong growth, and the achievement of goals and dreams. When you become a coach you also become your own life coach!

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Why Executive Coaching is Important

Do you know why executive coaching is important? Do you think it is important? Or, do you think is merely a way for business leaders to look as if they are doing something to improve their performance so they can justify big paychecks and bonuses?

Executive Coaching

Why Do Executives Need Executive Coaching?

Here are a few of the main reasons why executive coaching is important:

  • • It gives businesses a way of developing their senior staff in a timely and cost-effective manner.
    • It helps prepare a recently promoted manager or executive for their new role in the company.
    • It helps prepare a manger who is transitioning from one area of the company to another.
    • It helps accelerate professional development within an organization.
    • Coaches can serves as sounding boards for new ideas and concepts – a more neutral way to get an opinion and perspective.
    • Coaches can help executives review policies and procedures of the company.

Why Executive Coaching is Important For New Executives

When someone reaches a certain level of responsibility, it is often assumed that they possess all the skills needed to manage that responsibility. However, that is often not the case.

Many managers were once employees who were managed. Many executives were once managers who only worked within specific parameters in the company. For every level an individual moves up, there are new and different responsibilities. There are also increased expectations.

For all new executives, coaching is important. It gives them the skills and knowledge to acclimate and adapt to their new position. But, executive coaching is not only important for rookie executives, it can also work wonders with experienced executives.

Why Executive Coaching is Important for Experienced Executives

There are three main reasons why an executive coach is important to the success of even the most experienced executives.

  • • The labor market is constantly evolving, The company may have more international workers, younger workers, or the gender percentages may change. Executives need to keep pace with the changes in the work force.
  • • Business environments never stay the same. Successful executive coaches can help you keep up with changes in a fast-paced, competitive global economy. What worked ten yars ago may not work now. Coaching can help executives stay current.
  • • The most important reason why executive coaching is important for experienced executives is that being an executive is an extremely challenging job. Yes – it comes with great benefits, but it can get overwhelming at times. Coaches can help by being a mentor, a friend, a sounding board, a partner, a consultant, and a coach.

If you have ever experienced an executive coaching session, you would not need to ask why executive coaching is important. It is one of the most vital methods for improving the knowledge and skills of leaders, managers, and executives.

Most of all, executive coaching has a positive impact on the bottom line, and the bottom line is what makes or breaks an executive.

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5 Not So Secret Tips in Coaching

Tips in coaching circles are often only discovered after you have been coaching for many years. These secret tips that only insiders know are discovered through trial and error, experience with different clients, and through conversation with coaching peers.

Coaching Tips

5 Not-So Secret Tips in Coaching

But, this article is not about those secret tips in coaching clients; this one is about those not-so secret tips that coaches should know, but just might not think about because they seem so obvious.

Here are the 5 not-so secret (obvious) tips in coaching:

  • It is about the client – not you. Yes, you’ve spent months or years building up your practice, you invested time and money into obtaining and retaining clients, and yes, you have your name on the door and the business card. However, the business of coaching is not about you – it’s about the client. This is probably the most important tip in coaching clients.
  • Be yourself. This may sound like a stupid tip (who else am I going to be?), but it’s amazing how many people act differently in different situations. Coaches must be genuine; it’s the only way to truly reach a client. Clients will be able to detect insincerity and your ability to help them will significantly diminish. Stay true to your personality and your coaching style will develop in a more sincere and genuine manner – and clients will react positively to the real you!
  • Offer value to your client. This may seem obvious, but it takes hard work to offer value to each and every client. This means that you have to take your skills and training and adapt to each unique client. It takes feedback, study, self-reflection, and effort above and beyond each session to truly create outcomes that will help your clients. Offer value, value, and more value – one of the most important tips. In coaching, value matters!
  • Specialize. This is not an absolute necessity, but coaches who earn more are usually experts in a specific niche. You certainly don’t need to do this at the start of your career, but as you move along your career journey, you will certainly want to explore a specific segment of the coaching industry. Your expertise in one specific area will make you the proverbial big fish in a small pond. Big fish make more money!
  • Have fun. One of the reasons most people get into coaching is because it’s an exciting and fun career. However, the stress that comes with operating a business sometimes overshadows the fun of coaching. Always remember why you got into coaching in the first place – to help people, make some money, and have fun. The more fun you are having, the more the client will listen to and learn from you. The more success clients have with you, the more clients you’ll have.

One More Very Important, Less Obvious Coaching Tip

This one may not be as obvious as the other tips, but most coaches eventually learn all about this very important tip. Add this one to the five tips in coaching from above – your peers are not your enemies. It may seem as if coaching clients is a competition, after all, you need to obtain and retain clients to stay in business. If a client selects another coach over you, then you have one less client.

Though there is undoubtedly competition in the industry, you can learn from other coaches, especially those with more experience. You can learn about what to do with difficult clients, how to effectively run a business, new techniques, and more when you network with your coaching peers.

Don’t underestimate the power of trading secrets with other coaches, even if they seem like the enemy at first.

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Why You Need Online Life Coach Certification Training

Online life coach certification training is one way to prepare yourself for a career as a life coach. So much is found online today, and it’s no different with coach training. Many life coaching certification programs are found and conducted online. This make it easier for you…and anyone to get trained – fast!

Online Coaching

Why You Should Get a Life Coach Certification

A 2012 ICF (International Coach Federation) study found that coaching generates an estimated $2 billion (US dollars) revenue worldwide. Though all coaches aren’t getting rich, there is money to be made in the industry. Coaching has grown considerably, it continues to grow, and the future foresees more expansion for the coaching industry.

Another reason you should consider online life coach certification training is that coaching makes an impact in the lives of people all over the world. People hire coaches, whether they are life, wealth, wellness, business, leadership, career, or executive coaches, because of the positive differences they can make in their personal and professional lives.

After Completing Online Life Coach Certification Training

Once you have completed online life coaching certification training, you are ready to begin your career as a life coach. With your certification, you are ready to:

  • • Start your own life coaching practice
    • Work with another life coach
    • Find a job with a large coaching firm
    • Find a job with a large corporation
    • Conduct individual and group coaching sessions
    • Offer workshops and seminars
    • Offer online coaching through email and webinars
    • Create your own life coaching program which you can market and sell online
    • Create DVDs to sell
    • Find your own niche within the life coaching field.

How You Help Clients as a Life Coach

Once you have completed your online life coach certification training, you are ready to help clients. You help clients with:

  • • Identifying and clarifying their goals.
    • Help clients overcome obstacles to their goals, such as fear, anxiety, and behavior.
    • Assess clients and then assist them in taking the steps necessary to control their destinies.
    • Work with clients to modify their behavior.
    • Work with clients to support and encourage their personal growth.

Why Take an Online Coaching Course?

Online life coach certification training offers flexibility – you can take courses around your schedule. Most people who decide to become a coach are already working. Many have families. Being able to take coaching courses that fit your schedule and go at your own pace makes it more likely you will finish and actually become a life coach.

Online training is also more convenient. You don’t have to drive anywhere – all you have to do is make some time around your schedule and turn on your computer. Online life coach certification training allows you to learn the skills and knowledge needed to become a life coach on your terms, at your desired pace, while fitting in with your schedule.

With all the coaching courses offered online, you have no excuse not to follow your dreams and become a life coach. Get online now and start your future.

Special Bonus Learn 3 simple ways to become a life coach with the 30-Days to Become a Coach” video toolkit when you fill in the form at the top right and click the “Watch The Videos Now” button. You’ll learn how to change your client’s life in 45 minutes.

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What is Action Business Coaching?

Action business coaching can refer to the franchise opportunity to own a business coaching practice through ActionCoach Business Coaching. This leader in the industry started in 1993 and has remained one of the top coaching networks in the business. They are truly an international company with franchises all across the globe.

Business Coaching

Action Business Coaching Means Business

ActionCoach has several ways for individuals to get involved and get started making money in the business coaching profession.

  • • Firm – franchisee has the right to employ up to eight business coaches as a team within a company.
    • Practice – a single coach business model; the basics of coaching.
    • Joint Venture – two or more individuals or companies work together as a franchisee.
    • Master Licensee – where an individual has the right to develop Action Coach franchise brands within a specified territory.

Action Business Coaching Means Taking Acton

For individuals who are already in business coaching or for those who want to enter this dynamic field, opening a practice through ActionCoach seems to be a logical choice. This is a great choice for those with a business ownership or executive leadership background who desire to enter the coaching profession.

But, you have to take the plunge and make a decision to have your own coaching business. You have to take action!

What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is all about getting a business to a new level by focusing on its employees, its processes, and its marketing. As an Action Business Coach, you can develop your own action business coaching by combining your own business or executive experience, your personality and coaching style, and ActionCoach’s proprietary and copyrighted systems.

As a business coach you help small business owners with their marketing, management, sales, and goal setting. You act as a consultant, a sounding board, a confidant, a mentor, and, of course, a coach.

What is ActionCoach?

ActionCoach currently has more than 1,000 offices in 26 countries around the world. It is a member of the International Franchise Association, and has been rated by Entrepreneur Magazine as the top business coaching franchise in the world. If you are looking for a home-based business; if you are looking for a coaching business; if you are seeking a financially and personally rewarding business, then ActionCoach is worth more than a passing look.

Is it time to take action? Business coaching is a fast-growing field that offers plenty of opportunity for financial success. Most coaches don’t start out making piles of money – that’s why many start in the business part-time. But, the potential is there to create a good, and possibly, great income. All this while helping business owners find their place in a competitive and challenging business environment.

Teaming Up With ActionCoach

When you team up with ActionCoach, you have access to the experience and expertise, but your success still depends on you. You must be results-driven and action-oriented. You must possess an eagerness to learn and a desire to help others achieve. And, of course, you must take action. Business coaching with ActionCoach offers no guarantees, but if you follow the system, believe in yourself, and work hard, you can achieve your own dreams.

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The Future of Wellness Coaching Jobs

Will wellness coaching jobs be in demand or will the field stagnate? Is wellness coaching in an upward trend or has it reached a plateau and leveled out?

Health Coaching

America – Land of the Fat

There’s a real disconnect in America – people want to live healthy, but the country just keeps getting fatter and fatter. Obesity is at almost epidemic levels and diabetes has been on the rise for some time. But, there’s a constant emphasis on diet, nutrition, and exercise. What gives?

There’s probably a million reasons why we keep getting fatter – it’s our fast food culture, it’s the way food is processed by large corporations, it’s wheat, it’s gluten, it’s lactose, it’s everything and nothing.

Though blame can be placed in many places, ultimately it’s an individual’s responsibility to live a healthy lifestyle…or not. Though we live in the information age, the public is sadly uninformed about many matters concerning health, diet, exercise, and nutrition. This is where the wellness coach comes in, and this is why wellness coaching jobs will be plentiful in the very near future.

Live Longer and Better

People want to live longer. But, who the hell wants to live longer if its just means additional years of pain, inactivity, and decline. People also want to live better. A wellness coach can help clients live longer and better!

Where are the Wellness Coaching Jobs?

Wellness coaching jobs and wellness coaches barely existed twenty years ago, but that has changed very quickly. Independent wellness coaches are found in every city. Those with the entrepreneurial spirit can elect to work on their own as a coach. They make they own jobs!

More and more employers are seeing the benefits of having a wellness coach on staff. Employees stay healthier and more active – they miss less work days and are more productive. It’s a win for the company…and for the healthier employees.

A wellness coach working for a large company – that is a wellness coaching job, and that segment of the industry should soon be booming.

Another potential source of wellness coaching jobs is working with health care organizations – from HMOs to small clinics to government agencies. Having a dedicated wellness coach on staff will give more time to the doctors, and also help patients learn more about being proactive with their own health. The more proactive they are, the healthier they will be, and the less time they will need with their doctors, surgeons, or other health care technicians. The health care office saves money and they have healthier patients – a win for everyone!

The Future of Wellness Coaching

People want to get and stay healthy, but they don’t always have the resources, knowledge, or willpower to do it. Wellness coaches will fill the demand for this knowledge and help.

Wellness coaching will also be spurred on by our recent financial crisis and the continuing rise in health care costs. People want to find ways to lower their health care expenses – one way to do this I to stay healthy. It may not influence the base cost of health insurance, but less doctor visits, fewer prescription, less surgeries, and less time on sick leave will mean more money in your pocket.

The future for wellness coaching jobs is now. If you are seeking a new career, take a look at wellness coaching – you will definitely like what you see.

Hope you took some great value out of this post today! I’d love to hear your feedback, so make sure you leave a comment with your thoughts or questions. And also, you can click on the Twitter button below to retweet this article… Thank you!

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Is Career Coach Training Worthless?

IF you want to be a career coach, it seems logical that you need career coach training. But, does that career coach training automatically make you a good coach? Could that coach training actually be worthless and a waste of good money?

Coach Training

Career Coach Training is Worthless

Career coaching requires special skills, knowledge, and character traits, just like any coaching niche or segment of the industry. You learn the knowledge and skills in a coaching program…as long as the program is worth the money you paid (some aren’t!). But, once you’ve completed that training, does this make you an award-winning coach?

Not exactly.

The character traits are yours and are part of your personality, and only some of them can be learned in training. Do you possess a strong work ethic? Do you have a sincere desire to help others? Do you have far-reaching feelings of empathy and sympathy for people? These traits can’t be taught in a classroom setting, or learned from a book, DVD, or through some online video course. If you don’t have them, all the career coach training in the world just might be worthless.

Career Coach Training Might be Worth Something After All

Are you a good listener? Do you have the ability to also ask the right questions? Do you have a manner that makes people comfortable? Though these skills are often innate, they can be learned with the right training and mentor coaching.

With good coach training, you can learn to be an active listener, learn to process feedback, and acquire the skills needed to formulate powerful questions. Yes, the right training can enhance your pertinent personality traits, and also help you acquire and master the skills needed to be an effective coach.

If You Build it They Will Come

A coach can be built, but only if there is a foundation first. That foundation rests on your all-important character traits – strong work ethic, feelings of empathy, a strong desire to help people, etc. The foundation must be there or training will be worthless. You just can’t fake being a caring coach. You won’t get too far or make much money by faking it!

With that foundation, your career coaching training can help build the rest of it – from an individual with the desire and a few of the traits necessary to become a coach to an actual, working coach with clients coming to the door, money in hand.

Now – you can probably guess where this is going. Yes – the title of this piece was ironic. Yes, it was a rhetorical question – at least it was for coaches who have gone through training and become successful in the industry.

No – career coach training is not worthless. In fact, it is downright necessary to the building of a effective and successful career coach who helps clients reach their goals and finds outcomes for their issues. That’s why it is important to find an accredited and respected coaching program and get the right training.Though anyone can hang out a shingle and call themselves a coach, good coach training helps to build a good coach.

Special BonusLearn 3 simple ways to become a life coach with the “30-Days to Become a Coach” video toolkit when you fill in the form at the top right and click the “Watch The Videos Now” button. You’ll learn how to change your client’s life in 45 minutes.

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The Future of Online Health Coaching Jobs

Are there many online health coaching jobs? Is there such a thing as an online health coaching job?
If so, where do you sign up!

Online Coaching

The Health Coaching Revolution

Twenty years ago, how many people went to Yoga classes? Twenty years ago, who even knew what Pilates was? There is a health revolution going on in the United States. People see plenty of obese people around them, and they don’t want to get that way. Obese people see plenty of skinny, fit people around them, and they want to get that way. Because Americans have an obesity problem, getting healthy is on everyone’s mind – even if they aren’t yet practicing healthy habits.

Because health is the talk of the nation, if not yet the defining characteristic, a health revolution is brewing. Without a doubt, some of that revolution will be headed online.

The Online Health Coaching Revolution

With continual advances in technology, health has gone digital. People wear fitness monitors and keep tracking of pertinent data. Online videos help people get and stay in shape, and more ways to use technology for health reasons are on the way.

Online Health Coaching Jobs

The online health coaching revolution will definitely include online health coaching jobs. Entrepreneurs will build their own health coaching practices through the power of the Internet. Health businesses will grow and flourish, increasing the need to hire health care professionals, including coaches.

But, what do you need to snag one of these online health coaching jobs? Any special training? Any specific degrees?

Health coaches will shape the future of exercise, diet, and nutrition. They will work with doctors and other health care professionals to help patients stay or get healthy through lifestyles changes. This will create a revolution in the health care industry – and health care coaches will be right at the forefront.

Becoming a Health Coach

To get one of these online health coaching jobs, you need to be trained as a health coach. You don’t need any special degree, but you should have the following:

  • • A passion for health, nutrition, and exercise.
    • A certification from an accredited health coaching program. This program should include the basics of health along with the skills needed to be a coach.
    • A course that teaches the basics of behavior modification
    • A willingness to work hard
    • A desire to help others achieve their goals and dreams

That’s it! But, if you don’t have any of those, you may find it hard to become a health coach and find an online coaching job. The amount of opportunities will be expanding exponentially in the coming years, but so will the competition for jobs and clients as more and more people discover how rewarding it can be to be a coach.

More demand will mean more jobs, but more demand will mean more qualified people compete for these jobs. That’s why taking a respected and accredited coaching program, though not required, is absolutely essential.

You want one of the many online health coaching jobs that are going to start popping up all over the Internet? To get one – be passionate, get trained, and then enjoy a most satisfying and healthy career!

By the way… you’re invited to claim your FREE step-by-step 30-Days to Become a Coachvideo toolkit. Just go HERE now to get your 30-day coaching blueprint videos.

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4 Keys to Success Coaching Success

What are the keys to success coaching success? If you want to be a success in the success coaching business, what do you need to do?

Success Coaching

What is Success Coaching?

Success coaching involves a step by step process. It takes a client from the identification of goals to the achievement of those goals. It helps individuals define, work towards, and achieve goals with greater clarity and ease than they can by themselves.

Success coaching is educational, as clients learn knowledge, skills, and expertise from their coaches. Any type of success – financial, health, relationship, life – can be worked with and brought to success coaching.

Success coaching is like having a coach assist with the planning of a road trip. They get you to clearly define your destination (your goals), and then guide you in creating a roadmap and schedule of the journey. They help you with ways to avoid obstacles, and encourage you to enjoy the journey and eventually arrive at your chosen destination.

4 Keys to Success Coaching Success

There are many things that contribute to success in any endeavor, including success coaching. Here are six of the most important keys to success coaching success.

• Listen with curiosity and have a genuine interest in what your clients are saying. Don’t listen with impatience or a lack of attention. Don’t be thinking about your response or formulating new ideas in your head as the client is speaking. Keep interruptions to a minimum and allow the client to speak continually; however, try to keep the client focused and on target.

• Reflect on what the client has said. Be accurate to show that you were really listening. The reflection and reiteration also allows the client to hear what he or she has said; sometimes when somebody else repeats their words, they get a different perspective.

• Inquiry is king of the coaching session. Getting to success coach success means you have to been an expert in asking questions. Questioning is one of the key components of good coaching. You should ask open-ended questions that allow the client to explore and find their own outcomes. When clients find the answers for themselves, it empowers them and encourages them to look for more answers, and to do further exploration. It also builds their confidence and self-esteem.

• Learn these four words – inform, guide, encourage, and empower. When you give clients information, you provide them with potential opportunities. When you guide them, you help them find the right path to their goals. When you encourage them, you help them overcome negativity and obstacles, and when they reach their goals, you have ultimately empowered them to achieve all their goals in life.

People are beginning to turn to success coaching in order to elevate their work status and to enhance the trajectory of their careers. In a highly competitive, fast-paced world, people look to success coaching to provide them with the financial and personal satisfaction they desire.

We live in an era of tremendous change. What used to work doesn’t necessarily work anymore. The world is global, the workplace is constantly evolving, and employees and executives have to keep up with the changes if they want to be successful. That’s where a success coach comes in – people are turning to success coaching to be successful.

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Do You Need to be an Executive to Have an Executive Coaching Career?

Thinking of an executive coaching career? Do you have what it takes? Is it a financially viable career option? Is it right for you?

Executive Coaching

The Evolution of Executive Coaching

Executive coaching has come a long way in the past few decades. The evolution has been stunningly fast. If someone mentioned executive coaching only a few decades ago, it would inspire the question: “A coach? Isn’t that for athletic teams?”

During the next decade, coaches were thought of as corporate shrinks: “There’s something seriously wrong in this corporation and we need someone to determine the pathology.” The next step in the evolutionary process was: “Why do I need a coach? Am I in trouble? Am I about to get fired?”

The last ten years for anyone with an executive coaching career has been: “Great a coach. Will this help?’ Just recently it’s become: “I want an executive coach. How long can I work with one?”

Executive Coaching Today

The job of an executive or CEO can be extremely challenging. Even though it has become more rewarding with excessive salaries and bonuses, the global economy and the rapid spread of advanced technology has made the job more challenging than ever.

Though executives of old managed to handle their jobs without coaches, the executive of today has more pressures than ever. In 1995, CEOs lasted, on an international average, 9.5 years; they now last 7.6 years. The Harvard Business Review reported that 2 out of 5 CEOs fail in the first 18 months. It sure looks like coaches are needed! Eric Schmidt, Chairman and former CEO of Google, says his best advice to new CEOs is to “have a coach.”

It sure looks like executive coaches are in high demand, and that executive coaching careers are on the rise. So, what do you need to become an executive coach?

Do You Need to be an Executive to Have an Executive Coaching Career?

The best executive coaches often have business backgrounds, but it is not necessarily better to have been an executive. There are certainly no requirements to begin an executive coaching career – no educational or experience requirements. However, with a background in business, whether it is as a small business owner or as an employee in a large corporation, you will understand some of the basic environments in which an executive works.

You should certainly take an accredited coaching program that focuses on executive coaching. You should have the basic skills that coaches possess – strong listening abilities, a capacity to formulate and ask the right questions, and an innate ability to empathize with the client’s circumstances.

Can you enjoy an executive coaching career without having experience as an executive? Certainly. Does it help to have business experience? Yes – it does. If you don’t have high-level business experience, the road to a successful executive coaching career may be a long and winding road, but it is certainly possible to reach your destination.

To be the best executive coach you can be:

  • • Honestly assess your abilities and traits and see if you have what it takes to be a coach
    • Get the best possible training that fits your budget and schedule through an accredited coaching program
    • Learn all you can on your own – through books, DVDs, webinars, and seminars.
    • If you lack business experience, consider taking business courses online or at a local college.
    • Work on your listening skills – it’s what coaches need to do best!
    • Enjoy your career – it is both financial rewarding and personally fulfilling.

Hope you took some great value out of this post today! I’d love to hear your feedback, so make sure you leave a comment with your thoughts or questions. And also, you can click on the Twitter button below to retweet this article… Thank you!

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