Fitness Coach

How to Become an Online Fitness Coach Without Working Too Hard

Do you know how to become an online fitness coach? It’s fairly easy to find the necessary steps online. Perhaps you want to start a new career, or perhaps you want to move your fitness coach business online. Either way, when you become an online fitness coach, you want to be smart about it. Some Fitness Coaches Work Too Hard Fitness coaching is a great gig, but some coaches work too hard. They keep squeezing more and more clients into their time, working long hours, and never taking a … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget to SCRIBE as Part of Your Miracle Morning Routine

SCRIBE is an integral part of SAVERS, a miracle morning routine that provides you with six habits or rituals that can improve your daily morning routine. SAVERS stands for: Silence – meditation, breathing, prayer, etc. Affirmations – encouraging words you tell yourself to help you achieve your goals, overcome your fears, and achieve your purpose. Visualization – imagine yourself doing each task or step needed to get things done. Exercise – it doesn’t have to be a long session at … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Clients Brains 7 Years Younger With Meditation Coaching

Meditation coaching is not some new-agey, guru-type teaching that is only for monks and aging hippies in flowing robes. It can be a useful tool for anyone and everyone. It can be successfully incorporated into a life or any other coaching practice as an additional tool to help your clients find happiness and contentment in their lives. Oh, and it can help your clients’ brains become 7 years younger than the brains of people who don’t hire you as a coach. Make Your Brain Younger Remember … [Read more...]

Coach Training

3 Coaching Training Activities For Groups

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of coaching training activities. Many of the work great for individuals while others are perfect for group coaching. In this article, we’ll discuss of a few of the top coaching training activities for group coaching. Why Use a Coaching Training Activity? When training coaches, it should be all classroom and lectures. Coaches need knowledge to become good at their craft, but not all knowledge is obtained by reading a book, watching a video, or listening … [Read more...]

Executive Coaching

A New Niche to Consider – Non-Profit Executive Director Coaching

Here’s a niche you probably haven’t thought of – non-profit executive director coaching. In an effort to bring you new ideas on how to narrow your target market in order to focus your marketing on a smaller yet receptive audience, I bring you this potential niche – non-profit executive director coaching. What Does an Executive Director of a Non-Profit Do? Though a non-profit organization is different than a for-profit business, there are often many similarities in structure and task … [Read more...]

Money Coach

My Money Coach TV Station

Not that anyone is going to let me run a television channel, but if I could put together my own Money Coach TV station, I have a lengthy list of ideas about the programming. I Want My Money Coach TV An early slogan for the music channel, MTV, was I Want my MTV. So, to borrow a phrase, I Want my Money Coach TV. I’m not sure why there isn’t already a channel focusing on money coaching. There are many business channels on cable – CNBC, Fox Business, and others. There are also many business … [Read more...]

Executive Coaching

Management Coaches are the New Executive Coaches

What are management coaches? Though I don’t believe there is any set definition for a management coach, it is probably best to describe them as a combination of an executive coach and a leadership coach. An Executive Coach is a Leadership Coach It can effectively be argued that an executive coach is a leadership coach, and it can be said that to be a successful executive coach, you need to coach leadership. So, in essence, an executive coach is a leadership coach. To make it more … [Read more...]

Mindfulness Coach: Use Meditation to Prepare For Coaching Sessions

Whether you're a mindfulness coach, a business coach, or a life coach, meditation helps you to enter into any coaching session calm, unattached, powerful, and sensitive to your client... It's the ultimate 'neutral gear' to enter into when starting a session. Here's a video about how to use meditation to prepare for coaching sessions: I use this coach's meditation to prepare myself for my coaching sessions: .            Meditation in MP3 … [Read more...]

Become a Life Coach

The Top 5 Life Coach Qualifications to Be a Successful Coach

What life coach qualifications are needed to be a good coach? What is the inside scoop on how to become an excellent life coach? Well, first of all, there is no inside scoop. There are no secrets about qualifications, traits, skills, or knowledge that will propel you to an amazing career as a life coach. There is no magic elixir that will give you coaching superpowers! There are No Requirements to be a Coach You don’t need a special degree or earn a major in any specific subjects in … [Read more...]

Career Coaching

Are You the Best Executive Career Coach?

Who’s the best executive career If You’re an Executive Coach, You’re Also a Career Coach Executive coaches are sometimes referred to as corporate shrinks, but that’s not really a good description as they aren’t therapists or counselors. Though they do hear intimate thoughts, they don’t deal with disorders and diseases. If you want to call an executive coach anything other than an executive coach, you can call them career coaches. Career coaches? Yes, career coaches. Because executives … [Read more...]