Coaching Certification

Got Your Life Coaching Certification – Vancouver? Now What?

Receiving a life coaching certification – Vancouver puts you in a career that combines a range of expertise into one career choice. For some people, becoming a life coach in Vancouver is a relatively quick process, while others work their way toward certification as they work, making the process much slower. Taking the Time Needed to Become a Life Coach Though there’s no need to have any sort of certification, earning a life coaching certification – Vancouver, will put you in a competitive … [Read more...]

Fitness Coach

Have You Thought About Becoming a Fitness Competition Coach?

Here’s another potential coaching niche for you – fitness competition coach. The fitness competition industry has been growing over the past decade or so as more and more people become involved. Because they are a little less focused on muscularity, they appeal to a great percentage of the population. What are Fitness Competitions? As a fitness competition coach, the target market for your services cover several different types of competition. Some of the main ones include: Fitness … [Read more...]

Success Coaching

4 Successful Secrets to Success Coaching

There are secrets to success coaching that will improve your chances of making it in a competitive business. Whether you become a success coach within the framework of a business coach or a life coach, success coaching is booming. You don’t have to change who you are as a coach, you can just add success coaching to your existing practice. Why Call Yourself a Success Coach Not that many coaches call themselves a success coach – most use success coaching as part of their coaching practice – … [Read more...]

Coaching Tips

4 Simple Coaching Techniques to Get Your Clients Unstuck

Coaching techniques are almost a dime a dozen – there are many different techniques that work and probably just as many that don’t work. More importantly, some work for some people, while other ones work for other people. Most coaching techniques are not one-size-fits-all. Figure Out What Coaching Tricks and Techniques Work For You and Your Clients As a coach, you are unique. Your skills, knowledge, style, and talents combine to make a completely unique coach. Your clients are also unique … [Read more...]

Business Coaching

Business Coaching Chicago – Why Clients Need Business Coaching

Business coaching Chicago is no different than business coaching in any other part of the nation or corner of the world. The principles are the same, though a few of the particulars may be dependent on the specific geographical location. Business coaching is becoming more competitive all the time; you better know your stuff if you want to stay in business. Business Coaches Chicago There is an online directory, Business Coaches Chicago ( that list many of the … [Read more...]

Psychology Coaching

Depression Coaching or Therapy – Which One Does Your Client Need?

Depression coaching has become more common as life coaches search for profitable niches and clients seek help for issues that influence their lives and happiness. But, it is important for both the coach and the client to remember that depression coaching is not a substitute for treatment or a treatment method itself. In some ways it might be best to call depression coaches by a different name – perhaps sadness coaches. Sadness V. Depression If you specialize in depression as a life … [Read more...]

Online Coaching

How to Find the Right Online Coaching Education

There are no shortage of programs offering online coaching education; there are hundreds and hundreds of coaching programs around the world. There are over 400 accredited International Coach Federation (ICF) programs, and there are countless others accredited by other organizations or not accredited at all. Of course, not all of these are online, but many of them are. Yes, online coach education is ubiquitous, which means you have to do some homework to find the one that fits your needs. Do … [Read more...]

Psychology Coaching

Positive Psychology Courses Will Make You a Better Coach

Taking positive psychology courses is a great way for coaches to improve their skills, continue their education, and enhance their chances for coaching success. Positive psychology is a natural fit for coaches as coaching seeks to help clients improve and enhance their overall sense of well-being and happiness. What is Positive Psychology? Positive psychology is the scientific study of the virtues, strengths, and talents that enable individuals to prosper. It focuses on potential … [Read more...]

Health Coaching

Wellness Coaching Careers Are In Demand

As people age yet still want to live active lives, wellness coaching jobs will become even more in demand. People are seeking information, assistance, and new ways to defy aging and stay well and active as love as possible. What is Wellness Coaching? At its core, wellness coaching is about helping people Improve their health and enhance their well-being. Most people hire a wellness coach because they are struggling with specific issues, such as weight, specific health concerns, or other … [Read more...]

The Bottom Line Benefits of Meditation for Coaches

The benefits of meditation for coaches are many – there are numerous scientific studies that point to the spiritual and health benefits of meditation. Coaches can learn the power of meditation to help their clients, but they can also learn its amazing benefits to help themselves and their practices. Meditation for Both Coaches and Clients The bottom line benefits of meditation enhance a coaching practice in two different ways. By learning how to meditate, you can pass this knowledge along … [Read more...]