All Coaching is Personal Growth Coaching

Whether you are a life coach, a career coach, a business coach, a wellness coach, or any other type of coach, you are really in the personal growth coaching business. If you help people in any aspect of their lives – wealth, health, business, relationships, career – you are actually serving as a personal growth coach. Personal Growth is the Backbone of all Coaching Whatever your specialty or nice in the coaching world, you are there to help clients find joy, purpose, achievement, balance, … [Read more...]

What is Virtual Health Coaching?

What is virtual health coaching software? Can it help you grow and expand your coaching business? If you are a health coach, have you expanded your business to include online coaching? If not – why not? Your Health Coaching Business Should be Online Have you said to yourself: “I don't really need a website.” Or, “I don't know anything about running an online business or using social media or setting up an email newsletter, or posting videos of my training.” These are some of the most … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Scammed by Online Coaching Services

It's fairly easy to find online coaching services. It doesn't matter what type of coach you are seeking – life, career, wealth, health, or business – online services are plentiful. But, are these online coaching services all they claim to be? Do they really offer value and provide outcomes merely through online interactions? Buyer Beware Online Counterfeit products and over-hyped services abound on the Internet. Scammers have existed since the beginning of time, but the Internet has … [Read more...]

Use Coaching Models to Improve Your Coaching

What are coaching models? In the simplest terms, a coaching model is process or method that moves your client from where they are at the start to where they want to be. It is a framework and underlying structure of the knowledge, skills, and tools you use when you coach someone. 3 Coaching Models Because coaching covers a broad range of personal and business activities, it integrates many fields of knowledge. Many different models that are used in other fields are incorporated into … [Read more...]

Have You Heard of the Association of Coach Training Organizations?

Have you heard of the Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO)? If you are a coach trainer and you haven't heard of ACTO, then it's time you found out who they are and what they do. What is the Association of Coach Training Organizations? ACTO is a community of professional and committed coaches who enjoy the pursuit of continued education, and sharing what they have learned with others. They strive to include all coach trainers and coaching schools, whether accredited or on … [Read more...]

Psychology Coaching in Jaipur

Can you find psychology coaching Jaipur? What is the level of coaching in India? Do they have good coaches who can really make a difference? Is India Third World or Developed? For those of us who live in the United States, we often think of India as a third-world country. Thirty years ago, a majority if its people lived in abject poverty, but things have changed. Though India has many problems that are similar to third-world, or developing nations, it also has a fast growing middle … [Read more...]

Where to Find Free Online Coaching Research and Information

Looking to do a little online coaching research? It's not hard to find information about coaching with Google and a few clicks of your mouse. In fact, information is everywhere – weeding through the useless information to find something that is meaningful is more of a problem. Where to Find Free Online Coaching Information The best place to do online coaching research is YouTube. You can find most everything on YouTube, including information about coaching. If you put “coaching … [Read more...]

More Than 10: Reason 1-10 to Become a Coach

There are many more than 10: reason to become a coach takes many forms and has many answers depending on the individual. In fact every coach could think of more than 10. Reason one through 12,000 could be listed in most any article about coaching. But, since Internet articles are brief, most articles give 5 or 10, or some other low number. But, there are more than 10 reasons to become a coach! Coaching's Top 10: Reason to Become a Coach Number 1 If coaches really sat down and thought the … [Read more...]

Can Men Have Success Coaching Women?

Can men have success coaching women? It seems like such a ridiculous question at first, but in a society that often specializes, and frequently focuses on issues for a specific group, it may not be quite as ridiculous as first assumed. Coaches Must Be Able to Find Outcomes for Their Clients The guiding principle of coaching is – if you can offer outcomes that your clients are seeking, then you can be an effective and successful coach. If you can offer outcomes that women are seeking, then … [Read more...]

6 Keys to Selecting Names for Life Coaching Business Success

What are some good names for life coaching business success? If you are in the process of naming your business, it's wise to take some time to select the ideal name for your coaching practice. There are many possible things you can name your business, but not all of them are good names for life coaching business success. What's in a Name for a Life Coaching Business? Your name is one of the most important components of your business. You name is your brand, your logo, and your image to … [Read more...]