How to Find the Best Career Coach

Where and how do you find the best career coach? Is there such a thing as the best career coach? How do you find the perfect match for your needs?

Coach Training Career Coach

Looking for a Career Coach – Start With One Question

The first question you should ask when looking for the help of a career coach is “Why am I looking to hire a coach?” Are you looking for someone to help you get ahead in your current career, someone to help you change careers, or are you seeking professional help with selecting the right career?

The answer to this question will not only help you select the right coach, it will also help that coach work with you during your coaching sessions. You will be able to ask potential coaches about their level of expertise in a particular area, and the coach will be able to design a series of questions based on what you want.

How Do You Find the Best Career Coach?

Finding the right coach is similar to finding other professional help, but it is also much different. Finding any type of professional help means you have to have a level of trust, a sense of comfort, a feeling of trust, and belief in professional competency.

However, unlike many other professionals – doctors, accountants, attorneys – there are no official licensing agencies for coaches, and you may find a wide range of competencies and quality among career coaches. There are several organizations through which coaches can receive certification – the largest is the International Coach Federation (ICF). However, it is important to note that having a certification doesn’t guarantee quality – many good coaches don’t have a certification.

Using Personal References to Find the Best Career Coaching Expert

Getting a reference or a referral from a family member, friend, or colleague might seem like a good way to go…and in many cases it is. However, coaching is extremely personal and opinions vary widely from one person to the next. Though personal references are a great place to start, you should do your due diligence on any reference to see if any coach is the best one for you.

Do Your Homework Before Hiring a Coach

Before you sign up with a coach, here are a few suggestions to help find your best career coach:

  • Interview a few of the potential candidates – getting a feeling for their expertise and their personality.
  • Find out about their rates – the session fees and any discount options.
  • Find out about their customer support – email, web, phone, etc.
  • Find out if they have written any books, penned any articles, produced any DVDs – so you can check out their work before you sign up for a session
  • Ask if they offer a complimentary session – many coaches offer an initial free session as a way of introducing their coaching ability and style. This is a great way to determine if you and the coach have the right chemistry and will be the best career coach for you!

These few important steps will help you determine if a particular coach is the best career coach for your needs. Best is a subjective term when it comes to coaching, but if you have the best one for you, you’ll be more likely to have the best career possible!

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Do You Need to be a Christian to Get a Christian Coaching Certification?

Do you need to be a Christian to get a Christian coaching certification? Well, usually when the title asked a question like this, it’s kind of a rhetorical question, and the answer is usually “no, of course not – anyone can be…”

Coaching Certification

However, this isn’t the case with this question. Sure, anyone can sign up for a Christian coaching certification program and declare themselves to be a Christian coach, but is that really the type of coaching you want to be do if you aren’t a Christian?

Not Everyone Should Consider Christian Coaching

Successful coaches often have particular characteristics or personality traits. These traits include intelligence, focus, an inquisitive nature, a curious personality, the ability to actively listen, and strong feelings of empathy.

But, to be a successful Christian coach, you need one more trait – a faith in God. Could an atheist become a Christian coach? Certainly that’s possible. But, could an atheist be a successful Christian coach? That is very doubtful. Besides, would an atheist even want to earn a Christian coaching certification?

Who Should Consider a Christian Coaching Certification?

Do you have special gifts for listening, processing information, and offering feedback? Are you a natural at encouraging and supporting others? Do you feel that God is calling you to help others achieve their goals and find their place in the world within the framework of their Christian values?

If this describes you, Christian coach certification training just might be the next step in your career journey. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you sign up for to become a Christian coach:

  • Are you a self-starter and willing, ready, and able to take action when needed?
  • Do you understand that coaching is not counseling – you won’t be in business to heal others, you will be in business to help others?
  • Are you willing to work hard to improve your active listening skills and your ability to ask questions?
  • Do you enjoy seeing others succeed and prosper?
  • Do you have a good sense of your own purpose in life?
  • Are Christian values the foundation for your own personal morality?
  • Do you believe that God has a purpose for everyone?
  • Do you feel as if you are inspired by God to help others?

A Good Time to be a Christian Coach

If you are considering a Christian coaching certification, you probably couldn’t have chosen a better time. The coaching business is growing by leaps and bounds. Christian coaches seem to be few and far between, yet so many Americans identify as Christians.

It’s true that the number of Americans calling themselves Christians has fallen over the past few decades, but the number that still identifies as Christians remains over 70 percent of the population. In a Gallup poll a couple years ago, 78 percent of Americans polled identified with Christianity. That’s a big target market!

As a Christian coach, you can define the type of coach you want to be – do you want to be a life coach, a relationship coach, a health and wellness coach, or any other type of coach you can think of? You can work within any segment or niche of the coaching industry. Earning a Christian coaching certification provides you with myriad opportunities for success within the rapidly expanding coaching industry. But, it sure helps if you are a Christian!

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The Benefits of Business Coaching for New Businesses

The benefits of business coaching has been fairly well established, but many small and new business owners balk at adding any additional expenses to their budget. Sure, large businesses and multi-national corporations can afford business coaching, but what about small, local businesses, or ones that are just starting out?

Business Coaching

The Basic Benefits of Business Coaching

For any type of business, small or large, new or old, private or public, business coaching helps. Here are a few of the general benefits of business coach services:

  • Through encouragement and motivation, business coaches help their clients learn how to work harder toward their goals.
  • Through identification and clarification of goals, coaches help their clients become more focused on goal attainment, and the steps needed to achieve what they want.
  • Coaches help identify strengths and weaknesses, and then help build a business plan accordingly.
  • Coaches can help brainstorm ideas.
  • Coaches offer realistic measurement and assessment of where a business is, and then offer steps to improve performance.
  • Coaches offer guidance, support, and knowledge.

Business Coaching – the Difference Between Success and Failure?

The failure rate for new businesses can be rather high. Presidential hopeful Rand Paul claimed in 2014, when criticizing President Obama’s record on job creation that nine out of ten businesses fail, but that was just political hyperbole and nonsense.

The Small Business Administration has stated that “About half of all new establishments survive five years or more and about one-third survive 10 years or more.” Though Rand Paul was just plain making up statistics, as most politicians do, a 50 percent failure rate is still rather high – so it might be wise to think about the benefits of business coaching and hiring a business coach before even opening your new business.

The biggest reasons new business fail include:

  • Lack of experience
  • Lack of strategic planning
  • Lack of investment capital
  • Poor location
  • Poor inventory management
  • Over-investment in assets
  • Too much competition

You may gain a competitive advantage when you hire a business coach because a coach may know how to help you avoid these issues before you begin. Yes – issues can pile up and sometimes get too big to handle, but most of these problems are avoidable…if you know how to avoid them!

The 3 Most Important Benefits of Business Coaching For New Businesses

Failure rates for new businesses can be significantly reduced with good planning, comprehensive forecasting, risk evaluation, and a proper financial assessment. A business coach can help with all of these things. However, the three most important things a business coach can do for a new business owner are:

  • Providing a wealth of knowledge
  • Offering emotional support
  • Helping you develop and maintain the correct entrepreneurial mindset, a vision for your business, and an enduring belief in yourself as a business owner.

Yes – business coaching will cost some money, and only you can decide if the benefits of business coaching outweigh the costs. But, these benefits are real!

One of the first decisions for your new business is whether or not you need to hire a business coach. If you have years of experience with starting new businesses, perhaps you can be your own coach. However, if you are a novice, the benefits of business coaching are many, and it might be a wise decision to hiring an expert to help make your new business a success.

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What is Life Coach Training Worth To You?

What is life coach training? Well, it is the training you need to become an effective life coach who can help clients find outcomes they seek. What is life coach training and will you need it to become a coach? No matter how much skill you think you have, you need life coach training!

Executive Coaching
Become a Life Coach

Deciding whether to become a life coach? What is life coach training and is it right for you? Here are a few things to consider before you start looking for life coach training programs.

Life Coach Training is Right for You if:

  • You have a strong desire to help others.
  • You are compassionate, empathetic, and sympathetic.
  • You’ve been through difficult or transformative life events and want to help others with your experience.
  • You have a desire to be an entrepreneur and build your own business.
  • You want a career that is both professionally and personally rewarding.
  • You want a career that offers the opportunity to help others while also helping yourself.
  • You want to make some good money in a great career!

3 Things You Must Get in Life Coaching Training

  • Learning your craft. This should include several different classes on the skills and knowledge you need to be a coach who helps their clients achieve results. This is where the future coach is coached! You learn tools such as feedback, active listening, assessment, and inquiry, which will help you become a good coach.
  • Learning how to build a coaching business. If a coaching program doesn’t have classes on how to effectively build and manage a business, then it might not be the right one if you are considering opening your own practice. These classes should help you set up shop, get organized, start marketing, and offers myriad ways to promote your service.
  • Mentor coaching. This one is often overlooked by individuals thinking about becoming a coach. But, this is a must for any new coach. Accredited coaching programs will offer this, and it is one of the best ways to learn to coach!

What is Life Coach Training Going to Cost You?

Does price matter? Well, yes and no. The most expensive isn’t always the best, but this isn’t a decision you should make based solely on price – don’t just go for the cheapest. You have to carefully consider what each program offers, how it fits into your schedule, how it effects your budget, and how good their reputation and testimonials are.

The cost for life coaching training programs vary widely, but it seems as if you will be looking at around $1,000 for a quality program. Yes, you can find them cheaper, and some of them may be good, but no matter the price, make sure to do your due diligence on any program before you sign up and pay the bill.

What is Life Coach Training Worth To You?

What is life coaching training worth to you? That’s a question only you can answer. But, do your homework and find the right program for your needs and then the money you spend will seem like only a drop in the bucket. What is life coach training going to do for you? Help you enter a career that is rewarding, dynamic, and satisfying!

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Get Your Mojo On With Coaching, Management, Sales, Training, and Hard Work

Coaching, management, sales, training, and hard work are not just a bunch of words strung together – they actually can mean the difference between profit and loss for your business, and the difference between success and failure.

Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching

Coaching, Management, Sales, Training, and Hard Work – They All Make a Difference

Coaching, management, sales, training, and hard work all make a big difference in a company’s bottom line – you can bet your bottom dollar. Let’s explore how coaching, management, sales, and training make a difference.

Everyone Knows Hard Work Matters

You’ll notice that I left hard work out of the sentence above. Do I really have to explain how hard work makes a difference? If you aren’t ready to work hard, don’t be a business owner – it comes with the territory!


The first work in the string – coaching, management, sales, training – might be the most important. Not because it is any more crucial than the others, but because it is often the most overlooked of the four. Why does your business need coaching? Whether it’s a life coach, an executive coach, or any other type of coach, your business needs coaching because:

  • Coaches see the big picture.
  • Coaches can help identify goals and help you reach them.
  • Coaches can help identify problems, issues, and obstacles.
  • Coaches have no bias – identifying goals and problems are done with an unbiased eye.
  • Coaches listen.
  • Coaches tell it like it is – they aren’t your friend.
  • Coaches will help develop long-term plans and strategies.
  • Coaches will motivate, enlighten, and inspire.


Without the proper management skills, an organization is headed for failure. A manager is usually the coach, the assistant coach, the quarterback, and the head cheerleader. A good manager knows how to lead, create, improvise, inspire, motivate, organize, and get down in the trenches and do the grunt work. A manager does it all. So, whether you are the only manager, or just part of a team, effectiveness and efficiency are critical for business success.


This, of course, is a no-brainer. You have to make sales to prosper. No sales means no business means you are out of business. There has to be cost-effective and innovative promotional plans in place to help sell products. Of course, if your company relies on sales people to move product or services, then it leads right into the next category – training!


The one word of the four – coaching, management, sales, training – which ties in with all the others is training.

  • Coaching is a type of training
  • Management needs to bring skills to the table, but they can also be trained through executive coaching
  • Sales – every successful company has some type of sales training – many have continuing sales training for all their employees.

The success of most every business is the effectiveness and quality of their training. Whether your employees are flipping burgers or selling high-end products, training is essential. Without the right training, the interaction between sales person and customer may not go the right way. If it goes wrong, your company may be sunk!

Yes – coaching, management, sales, training…and hard work are just five words strung together. But, they are five of the most important five words for any business owner, whether the business is a small mom and pop store or a large multinational conglomerate.

So – managers and business owners listen up – want to get your mojo on in today’s highly competitive business environment? Think about and embrace coaching, management, sales, training, and of course, good old-fashioned hard work!

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What is a Personal Coach?

What is a personal coach, you ask?
What can he or she do for you?
If I answer your inquiry now,
Will you know what next to do?

Life Coaching

About Personal Coaching

There are articles, blogs, and plenty of web content on the Internet that will answer the question, “What is a personal coach.” So, when asked to write about what is a personal coach and what do they do, I figured why join the chorus of the routine and the mundane – why not write a poem about it.

So – here goes – the rest of the poem about personal coaching. I doubt I’ll become the Poet Laureate of the United States, but perhaps you will take away a little information about personal coaching, and why you should consider using a personal coach.

The world is competitive, hectic, frightening,
And filled with forks in the road to success.
It almost seem necessary and the only path to
Your goals is to work and struggle to excess.

But personal coaching can help you find
A balance between family, pleasure, and work
So you can achieve all you ever wanted
Without going completely berserk!

What is a personal coach, you ask?
Are you interested in finding results?
To have the life you always wanted
Like so many other adults.

Personal coaching helps improve your life
Cleans up the fragments and mess.
It increases contentment and joy,
While reducing negativity and stress.

Are you satisfied with your current role in life?
Are you satisfied with who you’ve become?
Do you struggle to achieve success and wealth?
Is your relationship a strong and healthy one?

If you answer “no” to any of the above
And think that something isn’t right,
You might consider personal coaching
To move your life to a new height.

What is a personal coach, you ask?
What can he or she do for you?
If I’ve answered your inquiry now,
Take that step to a new life debut!

What is a Personal Coach?

If you like poetry as much as most of us did in high school, and breeze right through it, here are the basics of what a personal coach can offer their clients:

  • Life coaching – identifying life goals and creating a plan to achieve them
  • Career Coaching – we spend roughly a third of our lives at work (some of us more!), so why not find your passion, or at least be happy with what you do?
  • Health and Lifestyle Coaching – personal coaches aren’t doctors, nurses, or health care professionals, but they can help you find balance and make wise choices when it comes to food, exercise, and lifestyle.
  • Relationship Coaching – relationships often dictate how happy we are. A life coach can help you improve yourself, and improve your chances of having happy and healthy relationships with family, friends, and mates.

Will Personal Coaching Help You?

What is a personal coaching expert going to do for you? That’s the specific question you are wondering about. Well, he or she can help you with everything above and everything mentioned in the poem (yeah, you should read the poem!)?

But, no coach can help you if you don’t want to be helped. Some people may shell out the money to hire a coach, and they go to sessions with a closed mind and a negative attitude. If that is you, save your money and buy a pint of ice cream, sit on the couch, and watch infomercials all night long. Coaching won’t help.

What is a personal coach you ask? Well, he or she is merely a facilitator, a guide, a mentor, a well of knowledge for you to tap, and a professional who will do his or her best to ensure that you find your own answers to your questions.

You’ve heard the expression, you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make him drink? Well, you can bring a client to a coach, but the coach can’t make changes. You make the changes! You make you the YOU you want to be…with a little help and guidance from your personal coach.

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Searching for Transformational Leadership Coaching -Virginia Beach?

Have you been searching for transformational leadership coaching – Virginia Beach? If so, you have probably found Transformational Leadership Coaching – Virginia Beach. Are you wondering what they do? Are you wondering if they can help you achieve your goals and dreams?

Leadership Coaching

What is Transformational Leadership Coaching – Virginia Beach?

Transformational Leadership Coaching is a personal coaching practice located in Virginia Beach. It’s been in business since 2002. The Facebook page for Transformational Leadership Coaching in Virginia Beach has a few likes, but not much information. It’s tough to tell if it is still in business, or to determine exactly what type of coaching they offer, and what target market they service.

You can look up their Facebook page to get their phone number – give them a call if you are in the area and see if they are still practicing. Transformational leadership coaching can change your life – Transformational Leadership Coaching – Virginia Beach might be a good place to start if you want to create a new you, or just improve the old you!

What is Transformation Coaching?

Transformational coaching is a process that is positive and life-affirming, and helps clients become the person they have always longed to be. It is a process of self-actualization and self-realization. It’s a process that helps clients find their own hidden qualities of excellence and encourages their dreams and pursuit of success.

Transformation mostly focuses on being rather than doing. Once the being is transformed, then the right “doing” can occur.

What is Transformation Leadership Coaching?

Leadership is often a quality that is in demand in the business world. Transformational leadership coaching is often associated with business leaders – CEOs, managers, supervisors, and business owners. However, leadership coaching can apply to any type of coaching, including personal coaching.

Leadership coaches teach their clients how to identify goals, recognize problems, issues, and concerns, and pursue opportunities. They help clients create a road map to achieving success.

Transformational leadership coaching teaches ways to inspire and motivate for both personal and organizational success.

Bernard Bass, a researcher in the field, suggested that there were four components of transformational leadership:

  • Intellectual stimulation – encouraging creativity and new ways of doing things.
  • Individualized consideration – offering support and assistance to each client, employee, team member, or follower.
  • Inspirational motivation – having a clear vision that can be articulated to others.
  • Idealized influence – serving as a role model for others – clients, employees, friends, family, children, etc.

Does Transformational Leadership Coaching – Virginia Beach offer this to its clients? There is no way to know unless you give them a call and ask.

But, you don’t have to be in Virginia Beach to find the right coach for your needs. Coaching is hot and getting hotter – more qualified and talented coaches are entering the field every day.

No matter where you are in the country, there is most likely a coach somewhere close who can offer transformational leadership coaching. You might want to pick up the phone and give them a call – it just might change your life!

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What’s it Take to Become a Business Coach Who Succeeds?

What’s it take to become a business coach who succeeds? Skill, money, experience, expertise, knowing the right people, communication skills, hard work, or luck? Well, it probably takes all of the above in varying amounts to become a business coach who succeeds.

Business Coaching

Coaching is Very Competitive

Coaching is becoming a very competitive field – many great people are entering the industry armed with skills, knowledge, and experience. So – considering that all of the above factors count, let’s look at a few ways others you can gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

7 Ways to Become a Business Coach With a Competitive Advantage

Invest in creating and building a competitive brand. The world is faster and people rely on quick soundbites, catchy tunes, or compelling brands to make decisions. Your brand is what people will see and hear about you, and most importantly, it is what they will remember about you. You should create a brand that says what you do, is easy to remember, and makes people want to find out what you are all about. To become a business coach who succeeds, you need to build a strong band, and also have ways to accurately measure the effectiveness of that brand.

Find ways to appeal to your target market. When you first start coaching, you may be marketing to everyone and anyone. But, most coaches find a niche with which they are comfortable and effective. You need to cultivate ways to market to this niche.

Be flexible and adaptable. Coaching is an ever-changing industry; the wants and needs of the market can change as quickly as the tides. You must be able to quickly identify changes, and then have the flexibility and adaptability to react to those changes. To become a business coaching expert, you have to roll with the changes!

Don’t fear the fear. Coaches sometimes get stuck because they are afraid to tell it like it is – they are scared to anger or upset their client for fear they may lose them. However, your job as a coach is to tell it like it is (of course, in the nicest way possible). To become a coach who is in demand, you must help identify problems and then let your client know how this issue is holding them back. Sure, a few clients may bolt for greener (and more agreeable pastures), but most will appreciate the candor – after all, they came to you for help in finding business success.

Be seen and be known. Yes – this means marketing! You have to put your nose to the grindstone when it comes to marketing. This doesn’t mean you have to work 18 hours a day on marketing. It only means you have to be willing to work hard, learn from others, try new things, and assess your marketing efforts.

Your business means business. You would think that all business coaches are good at business. Well, you would be wrong. Many coaches struggle with the business of coaching. There are many things that make a business succeed – marketing, branding, administration, delegation of duties, organization, funding, social media, websites – you need to be able to understand all aspects of business success to have an advantage on many of your competitors.

Know your stuff!To become a business coach who is the best they can be, you need to get trained, coached, and certified. You need to acquire and master the skills that help you provide clients with the outcomes they seek. To become a business coach with a competitive advantage over the rest of the pack, you need to know your stuff!

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Learn About Money, Sex, and Housework with Relationship Coaching Training

Comprehensive relationship coaching training is essential for anyone seeking to become a successful relationship coach. It provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to find outcomes for your clients and to build up a good reputation in the industry.

Relationship Coach

So – what skills and knowledge do you need? First, let’s talk about the issues you will be facing when you work as a relationship coach. What problems do couples have for which you will need to find solutions and outcomes?

The three main problems seem to be money, sex, and housework. These issues cause more battles and ruin happy homes more often than any others.


According to a Harris Interactive poll of over 1,000 adults, the most common topic of fighting among American couples is finances. The most likely reason to fight over money is unexpected expenses, followed by insufficient savings, and deceitful financial behavior. So, any relationship coaching training you take better deal with ways to help couples work out financial issues. You have to help them work with budgets, reign in excessive spending, and being open and honest with each other about their financial lives.


Let’s talk about sex! You better be ready, willing, and able to talk about sex when working with clients. Relationship coach training should incorporate issues about sex and intimacy when training coaches. You should be able to help clients make sex more of a priority, help them find new ways to make things more interesting, and assist them with talking to each other about their sexual wants and needs.


Do couples argue about who takes out the trash, does the dishes, shops for groceries, or takes the kids to school? You bet they do! These items may seem trivial when compared to financial issues, but they are everyday items that can cause big problems in a marriage or relationship. Your relationship coaching training should provide you with the skills and knowledge to deal with these routine but significant issues.

The Most Important Thing Relationship Coaching Training Should Teach

Though money, sex, and housework seem to be three of the most common issues in relationships, there is something that ties them all together – communication.

As a relationship coach, your principle mission is to help couples learn how to communicate. Efficient and compassionate communication is perhaps the most important key to a successful, long-term relationship. Relationship coaching training should provide you with the skills and knowledge to help couples improve their communication skills.

Before you sign up for any coaching training, it is advisable to find out about their courses and how much emphasis they place on teaching communication skills – both skills involving communication between coach and client, and communication between one partner and the other.

Relationship coaching training should cover all aspects of coaching – from active listening, the art of inquiry, the most recent techniques in the industry, and the skills needed to run a business. However, relationship coaches also need to learn the skills and knowledge targeted toward relationship issues.

If you can help couples deal with negative issues involving money, sex, and housework, you are on your way to helping many couples, and establishing yourself as an expert relationship coach.

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What Education is Needed to Become a Life Coach?

What education is needed to become a life coach? The short answer – none! That’s right – if you are wondering about the question, what education is needed to become a life coach, well wonder no more. You are not required to have any education at all. A three-year old toddler could become a life coach – without any schooling whatsoever!

Become a Life Coach

But, would you want a three-year old to be your life coach? And would you want someone lacking in the right education to be your life coach?

What Education is Needed to Become a Life Coach?

You already know that there are no legal educational requirements to become a life coach. So, let’s change the question for a moment – What education is needed to become a life coaching success story? That’s right – if you enter the life coaching field, you want your story to end successfully, don’t you?

What Education Do You Need to be a Success as a Life Coach?

Coaches need to be properly trained and educated. Caching is a relatively new field when compared to attorneys, accountants, doctors, and therapists, and it takes quite some time for a legal framework to develop within an industry. Coaching is still a maturing industry which can be accessed by anyone who wants to be a coach.

However, it has become much more competitive, and clients are demanding that their coaches be more educated and more highly trained. If you want to succeed in this business, taking the right classes, earning the right certifications, and learning the right skills are key to your success.

The Basics Needed to Become a Life Coach

Since there are no legal requirements, here are the basics on what you really need to enter the life coaching field and have a chance at success in the industry.

Training – completion of an accredited life coach training program, which covers the basic skills, any special niche in which you are interested, and the basics on running a coaching business.

Certification – professional certification through various professional organizations such as the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Experience – it takes many hours of experience to be a good coach. You should have at least 100 hours of coaching, and in reality, much more.

Key Skills – these are skills you possess and ones you learn through your training. They include active listening, communication, creativity, problem-solving, inquiry, compassion, empathy, goal-setting, and progress management.

Conduct a Self-Assessment

The first thing you should do after asking the question – what education is needed to become a life coach – is to conduct a self-assessment. Do you possess a deep concern for others? Do you enjoy helping others achieve their goals and dreams? Do you possess active listening skills, or are you committed to learning them? Are you dedicated to continuing your education after you become a coach in order to keep your skills sharp and remain updated on new trends and knowledge in the industry? Are you a very hard worker?

If you can do this self-assessment with honesty and still you seem like a great fit for coaching, then go ahead and ask the question – what education is needed to become a life coach?

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
Writing Team, Coaches Training Blog Community