Career Coach

A Career Aptitude For Coaches

A career aptitude test is the perfect coaching tool for coaches in all areas of the industry to use in the practices. Effective career aptitude tests will help identify your talents, passions, likes, skills, hobbies, personality traits, and innate abilities. Why Career Assessments Are Great Tools for Coaches Career assessments help individuals understand how a blend of personal attributes – preferences, values, abilities, motivations, and skills – impact potential success, goal … [Read more...]

Coaching Certification

Any Coaching Certification Can Be Called a Motivational Coaching Certification

Is there such a thing as a motivational coach certification? Perusing the Internet you can find many different types of coaching certifications, but it’s not easy to find one that is centered on motivation. What is Motivational Coaching? Being a motivational coach is not really any different than being a life coach, or any other type of coach. You are hired to help clients get motivated to achieve goals. You are hired to identify goals, encourage, inform, support, reflect, assess, and … [Read more...]

Business Coaching

Become Part of Action International Business Coaching

Action International Business Coaching is one of the leading business coaching companies in the world. Known as Action Coach Business Coaching, and founded in 1993, it was one of the first business coaching companies and continues to set high standards for its coaches while expanding its reach around the globe. Do You Want to Become an Action Coach? Here are a few reasons to become involved with Action International Business Coaching and become an Action Business Coach: The world’s #1 … [Read more...]

Health Coaching

Wellness Coaching Careers – Health Coaching Can Save the World

Wellness coaching careers – health coaching and more are well positioned to be one of the best emerging careers of the next several decades. That’s because they can be the solution to one of the greatest problems facing us in the 21st century. The Coming Health Crisis Too many people are unhealthy. Too many people are overweight, obese, diabetic, suffering from hypertension, heart conditions, and more. All this is happening at the same time that more people are expressing an interest and … [Read more...]

Coaching Tips

You Won’t Be Coaching Long Without Coaching Communication Competence

Coaching communication competence is central to the effectiveness of coaching. If you can’t effectively communicate, you aren’t going to be a good coach. If the interaction between coach and client is restrained, reluctant, or repressed in any manner, then the coaching session or sessions will be unlikely to produce the desired outcomes What is Competent Communication? Competent communication is interaction that is viewed as effective in fulfilling specific and general objectives in a … [Read more...]

Online Coaching

What is an Online Coaching Wiki?

Anyone ever hear of an online coaching wiki? Do you know what an online coach wiki is? Should you care? What’s a Wiki? Wiki is a website that allows for a collaborative editing of its content by users. The term was supposedly coined by Howard Cunningham, who developed the first wiki in 1995 called WikiWikiWeb. Mr. Cunningham, on his first trip to Hawaii, was informed by an airport worker that he needed to take the wiki wiki bus to get to the other airport terminal. At first he didn’t … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Business

Why You Should Be Focusing on Success Zone Coaching

What is success zone coaching? Is it something you can use in your own coaching practice? Is it something that can help you find more outcomes for more clients, and boost the demand for your coaching services? What is the Success Zone? There are probably many different definitions for success zone, but it can be viewed as the positive place or attitude where the environment is ideal for achievement and success. There’s a good book, written by Andrew Mowatt, titled, The Success Zone, … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Business

4 Tips for Increasing Your Personal Coach Salary

You often see articles about the average personal coach salary, or the amount the average life coach makes. However, who wants to be average? Who wants to make an average salary or a middle-of-the-road income? The question you really should be asking is - How do I make more as a persona coach? Average Personal Coach Salary Here are a few facts from the 2012 ICF Global Coaching Study, which surveyed over 12,000 coaches in 117 countries. The average salary of a life coach is … [Read more...]

Psychology Coaching

Start a Special Group for Coaching Psychology

Here’s an idea for life coaches – start a special group for coaching psychology. You’re probably wondering why you would want to do that. What’s a group going to do for my coaching practice? Coaching Psychology is Trending With the popularity of using psychological models and assessment tools in life coaching, the trend will be toward an increased awareness of the role of coaching psychology in coaching. Application used in counseling and psychiatry will cross over and be modified for use … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Business

A Sample Business Plan For a Life Coaching Business

You already know you need a business plan – so here you'll find a few tips on business plan writing and a sample business plan for a life coaching business. A Few Quick Tips on Writing a Business Plan for a Life Coaching Business Give yourself time to write it. You may even need to write it over the course of a few days. Don't rush! Make it comprehensive yet concise. That means it needs to contain all pertinent information, but you have to cut out the crap. Stick to the main … [Read more...]