Young Coaches and Online Life Coaching Schools

Online Life Coaching Schools and the younger generation pursuing careers in the coaching business was a hot topic in the Sunday times, Life Style section, this past Sunday. The article topic was “Should a Life Coach Have a Life First?” featuring a handful of JTS advisor graduates, including myself. The majority of the comments were positive, followed by a few angry negatives and some were just out right crazy.

Life Coaches Take Note of These Outspoken Misconceptions

Coaches can gain major insight to the opinions people share of Online Life Coaching Schools and what a life coach does by perusing through the comments on this article.

Most people who felt negatively about coaching seemed to share the same beliefs of Online Life Coaching Schools and what a life coach provides.

These were the repeated misconceptions I found throughout the comments

  1. Real life coaches are true friends. They listen, give valuable advice and NEVER charge their friends/acquaintances a dime!
  2. Coaches are parasites preying on the rich and stupid, if anyone’s idiotic enough to pay these people for their nonsense hocus pocus then they probably deserve to get conned.
  3. Life Coaching. Hmn, sounds like an opportunity for someone without a professional license to take advantage of another.
  4. C’mon, get real. These young ones are not “coaches” they’re too young to have lived much of a life! and it’s not their fault. What they really are is “cheerleaders”.
  5. How about you being your own Life Coach and living your life according to what feels right to you. You and only you know yourself.

What facts can you provide to respond to the confusion shared on this article? Do you have a way of clearly debating why these thoughts are false? Utilizing these beliefs and reframing them could create great content for your online coaching websites.

How Online Life Coaching School Graduates Can Grow From These Comments

It seems that many people are not aware of the intense training involved in becoming a life coach. Getting certified through an Online Life Coach School is cheaper and faster then attending a university. Use the extra time and money you save to educate everyone you can on the benefits and depth of what you have been trained to do.

It seems most people can’t decide the difference between a life coach and a friend. They do not understand that coaches are trained in helping their clients to discover their own truth, not tell them how to live. They have no clue as to how life coaching is effective. Online Life Coaching Schools are not quality enough to offer someone the opportunity to call themselves professional coaches.

Rise Above Opposition

Young Coaches unite! Allow the limiting beliefs behind these comments to inspire you to become experts in your field. Share the success stories of your clients and continue to educate yourself on the necessary tools it takes to get your clients the results they deserve. You’re dedication and passion to contributing to helping others to create their own destiny is what will create a new earth.

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