Why People Look For A Personal Development Life Coach

Why doesn’t everyone want a personal development life coach? It seems obvious to most coaches that personal development is the way to go. In fact, personal development life coaches could rightly argue they can help just about anyone. Why aren’t their doors being beaten down by clients?

Sad Truth #1: People Don’t Need A Personal Development Life Coach

Unfortunately, most people don’t see a personal development life coach as the access to having what they want. They may want a better job, a promotion, better relationships with their spouses or to find a girlfriend/boyfriend. Most people don’t see themselves as the common denominator to their problems. As coaches we may be able to see that they’re “Looking for love in all the wrong places,” as the song goes, but it’s not our job to change them. If we are going to be effective in reaching out to people, we need to find out what they are looking for, then give them that plus what they really need all in a nice little pill that is easy to swallow.

Sad Truth #2: People Don’t Want To Transform Their Lives

As a personal development life coach you probably think that everyone would want to get out of their old miserable live and transform it into something great. The reason why a certain guru’s reality show was cancelled after only 2 episodes proves this. I think Mary Poppins said it best, “Most people can’t see beyond their own noses.” They see the problem in front of them, but lack the awareness to seek out a cure for the root issues. If you try to sell them that, it will be a major disconnect.

When you’re looking to connect with new clients the best solution is to meet them where they are, give them what they want, and then you will have a chance of giving them the personal development coaching they need.

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Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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