What Do You Need to Become a Life Coach? Free Coach Training From The Rock Climbing Gym

This weekend I saw in action what you really need to become a life coach. I watched my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop learn to climb at a local climbing gym, and got some great coach training insight. I saw the girls transform in less than 2 hours from curious, to fearful, to empowered. I also learned about some of the tools you need to become a life coach.

You Need to Become a Life Coach From Your Heart… Coach Training on Connecting With Your Client

The most important tool that you need to become a life coach is the ability to get into your client’s heart. Most coach training stops at learning to understand what people say. You need to become a life coach who thinks like your clients think if you want to become a world class coach. You want to be able to see the world from your client’s view. When you do this, you will see what makes that person unique and courageous, and what keeps them from reaching their goals. Each Girl Scout approached their common obstacle, the rock, in a unique way. Once you enter your client’s world, you will know how to lead them.

Coach Training on Why You Need To Become a Life Coach With Awesome Listening Skills

Another important tool that you need to become a life coach is good listening skills, which is something most coach training only pays lip service to. But it’s not just listening to your clients’ words; it’s about listening for the shifts and transformations that will occur as a result of your coaching. I saw the faces of those Girl Scouts on the climbing wall change from timid to determined, as they become girls who knew they could make it to the top. But I also heard it in their voices. Some people are more demonstrative than others, and some are so subtle that you can miss it. In any case, it’s a very important tool you will need to become a life coach who can identify when clients are engaged in the process, and when you might need to alter your approach to take them to the next level. You can’t master this skill in coach training; you will need to practice it with every client you coach.

Why Group Coach Training?  You Need to Become a Life Coach Who Engages the Power of Peer Group

The last important tool that I became aware of from my coach training this weekend was the power of peer group. Those Girls Scouts watched each other, and were empowered by the success they saw in others. They also felt encouraged to know that everyone improved with each attempt. They learned from each other. There was no whining or crying, just everyone trying to do their best and help those around them. And so if you get nothing else out of this coach training, make sure you help your clients find an empowering peer group before they go back into their world.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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